Criminal Usurper Biden Gives Weird Faked Speech, Doesn’t Claim Victory

Criminal would-be usurper Joe Biden took the stage Friday night.

He did not talk about his son’s illicit footjobs, but nor did he claim victory.

He scheduled the speech thinking he would be claiming victory, but it wasn’t ready.

What he said was just a bunch of platitudes – we’re gonna bring the country together with friendliness, blah blah blah.

The backdrop of the speech was completely bizarre, and actually a fake, staged thing.

He was supposedly performing in front of a lot full of empty, brand new cars.

Biden is the most popular person in the world – he’s so popular that even empty cars support him!

But in actual fact, he was appearing before nothing – different podiums were visible in the empty car lot and in the video of him speaking!

Look at this picture, where you can see him on the screen, but the stage is empty.

Here’s the raw footage, if you want to analyze it.

It doesn’t really matter what the details of the fakery are, what matters is that they are this dishonest, and they are just doing weird crap like crazy.

What is even the point of faking this??? What are they doing???

Likely, they are just fond of fakery!

I could understand if he’s been stressed out by the election, and now doesn’t have the energy to perform and so it has to be prerecorded – but why add the view of the empty cars???

These people are criminals. They are attempting to usurp, with the help of the entire system!

This is the biggest crime in history, and Joe just walks out there, mumbling and confused, like it’s nothing! Looking like a deepfake! What a mess!

Seven minute fake speech! Seven minutes of total and complete confusion!

Then he had to pee!

He pees 4 times every hour!

He won’t be president!

It’s Kamala Harris! The childless Hindu woman married to a Jew!

The one who does all her speeches drunk now!

We have to push for secession!