Criminal Monkey Bitch Susan Rice Claims Brett McGurk was Critical in Helping Defeat ISIS

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2018

Why is this idiotic black bitch Susan Rice allowed to post her incoherent ramblings on Twitter? She should be in prison due to her corrupt criminal activities.

The criminal monkey bitch Susan Rice took to Twitter claiming that Brett McGurk was the only reason any progress was made against ISIS.

This is of course a ridiculous statement. It’s hard to believe that this low IQ baboon held some of the highest positions in the federal government. “Dumb nigger” memes aside, she is a legitimately stupid individual.

She knows full well that the President of the United States primarily deals with cabinet level officers and close White House aides. It’s not feasible for him to meet or personally know every person working in the federal government.

Brett McGurk is hardly a household name, yet Rice wants us to believe that he did all the great things to destroy ISIS. What were those things exactly? Nobody seems to know.

And if McGurk did all of these great things to help defeat ISIS, why has there been little to no coverage of his tremendous deeds? His resignation seems to be the only thing he has done that has made big news. And the Jewish media is just exploiting his resignation as an excuse to attack President Trump over his decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

The fact of the matter is that ISIS came to power when Obama and Rice were running the show. They were giving weapons to so-called “moderate” rebels and many (or most) of those weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS. There was effectively little to no difference between “moderate” rebels and ISIS. So without Obama, ISIS would have never grown to the extent that it did.

President Trump pulled the plug on these programs, stopped micromanaging the military, allowed Russia to bomb freely and ISIS lost 99 percent of the territory it held in roughly a year’s worth of time. McGurk may have assisted in executing some of these policies but he wasn’t responsible for them. That credit goes fully to President Trump.

Of course Rice has no credibility to begin with. She went on national television and lied about the Benghazi consulate attack that killed Americans back in 2012. She falsely claimed that the attack was a spontaneous event stemming from outrage over a YouTube video.

She’s also at the center of the spying scandal against the Trump transition team. She, in her position as Obama’s national security adviser, helped unmask the identities of various people including General Michael Flynn.

Comically, there’s been talk that Rice might try and challenge Susan Collins for her Maine Senate seat. She might want to reconsider that as such a political run will only expose her previous criminality and corruption. Of course criminality and corruption is just normal behavior for any black who gains a position of power.