Criminal Kansas City Mayor Brags About White Genocide

Modern Heretic
July 17, 2015

This beady-eyed bastard has your best interests in mind.

“Diversity” means fewer Whites. This is literally all it means. The talmudic sea of brown slaves is “diverse,” the vibrancy of appearance, creativity and culture unique to Europe is not. Ugly is beautiful, death is good, war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. This has been the endless message from the jew communists that continue to wage a war of annihilation against Whites. This is our reward for altruism and “doing the right thing.”

Today our enemies are more brazen than ever, openly boasting about the successful reduction of our people and expecting Whites to cheer the loudest. This is the satanic evil we must defeat: genocidal maniacs who are willing to destroy civilization to advance their mindless and pathetic grudge against the only race in the world that not only treats outside aliens well, but sits quietly while they press a knife into our throats.

The face of the enemy.


The mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, in an address to the radical socialist organization National Council of La Raza, bragged that his city is no longer majority white and the city’s schools now have students who speak 62 different languages.

Elected scumbag addresses la-teen-oh criminals, bringing the good news of White marginalization and destruction. In its place is a high trust utopia of alien bipeds yammering away, 62 different varieties of animal noises, moronic human sewage united only be their mutual hatred of their White benefactors. Let it all burn.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Kansas City, Kansas, was 52 percent white.

Genocide is the only word that accurately describes what is happening in the U.S.S.A.

But in a speech before the La Raza National Affiliates Luncheon earlier this week in Kansas City, Mayor Mark Holland boasted that only five years later his city’s white population has been reduced to 40 percent.

What a hero. Kansas Whites flee the rot or are claimed by it. Brown monsters here to loot, rape and kill move in and another city dies. All according to the jewish plan.

He seemed to suggest that La Raza was at least partly responsible for the progress.

Fewer Whites means “progress.” Welcome to Detroit: Progress City, USA.

But he also cited the refugee resettlement work of the United Nations and U.S. State Department for the city’s transformation into a gleaming example of multicultural diversity.

Suicidal altruism, possibly our biggest weakness. We need a lot more Somalis in Kansas.

Kansas City, he said, “is very proud of the work of National Council of La Raza.”

Your selfish and myopic goals of feasting on the corpse of a dead nation is an inspiration to us all.

Kansas City, Kansas, is 40 percent white, 28 percent Latino, and 26 percent African-American,” Holland said. “Our school district speaks 62 different languages by the children every single day. And Kansas City, Kansas, has a proud heritage of welcoming all people into the community, people who are not welcome in other places.”

Congratulations everyone. You should be very proud. Here’s an unrelated image.

The mighty strength of “diversity.”

In recent years, the city has welcomed more refugees from other parts of the world, including Muslim Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq, Hindus from Bhutan and Buddhists and Muslims from Burma.

If it’s non-White and dangerous, we want it! Racial, cultural and religious aliens are pumped into Middle America and suddenly 94% of our dying cities are statistically less criminal. Must be some crazy coincidence, we all know the “races” Whites are the real problem. I mean, haven’t you ever seen an ad for an security company or a jew movie?

Kansas City has also thrown open its arms to the LGBT community, Holland said, even though most of the state of Kansas leans Republican.

As if today’s Loser Party even slightly discourages buggery and coprophilia. And again, let’s celebrate! In addition to dangerous jihadans and la-teen-oh filth we’ve also got damaged rectums and GRIDS. Truly Kansas City, Kansas is the total and complete shithole that only decades of concentrated jewish cultural poison could produce.

He said the city is the home of another “persecuted group – the Democrats.”


“The Democrats still have a foothold in Kansas City and we’re very proud of that,” said the Democrat mayor. “And because Democrats are in Wyandotte County, we welcome our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and celebrate their life and their love, and always will.”

Just make sure they don’t “cruise” in the expanding sharia law area. In a decade the foreign vibrancy will be tossing our sodomite brothers and rug-eating sisters off of apartment buildings, but for now we’ll pretend we can’t foresee this.

Holland, an ordained Methodist minister, then went on the attack against any Christians who don’t share his liberal theological views on same-sex marriage.

I wonder what this idiot will think when he sits in his empty, sodomite, JUDEO-christian church while the call to prayer blares through the streets of a town he helped destroy. I wonder what will pass through his pea-brain when the desert death cult he welcomed is breaking down the doors, swords in hand.

The theme of the recent La Raza conference in Kansas City was “Empower, Lead, Connect.”

I guess “Loot, Destroy, Murder, Rape, Blame” would be a little too honest for these natural conservatives.

We need a lot more of this in Kansas.