Criminal African Warlord Obongo to Seal Presidential Records for 12 Years!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2017

The African criminal who took over the American government through a Jewish coup in 2008, who has been ejected through a counter revolution against the Jews by white racists, KKK members, Neo-Nazis, Anime Nazis and others, is demanding that all records of his reign of brutal terror be sealed upon his exit.


President Barack Obama has selected his close aide Anita Decker Breckenridge to act as his representative in the process that will lead to many of his White House records becoming public in future decades.

A letter Obama sent to the National Archives in July authorizes Breckenridge to convey Obama’s wishes about which of his presidential files can be made public and which should be kept under wraps for a period of time.

The letter, released to POLITICO on Friday under the Freedom of Information Act, also indicates that Obama is exercising his rights to put many of those records off-limits for 12 years after he leaves the presidency later this month. While the move could be seen as at odds with Obama’s frequently stated commitment to transparency, it’s a step other recent presidents have also taken before leaving the White House.

Recent presidents have eventually eased some of those access restrictions after leaving office.

White House spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine did not comment directly on Obama’s rationale for imposing the 12-year restrictions on his records, which will be sent in the coming years to his yet-to-be-built presidential library in Chicago.

The entire Democrat party operates as a gang, and Obama has lead it.

Who knows the sort of dirty dealings that these records contain.

But the real dirty dealings are the dealings of #Pizzagate – which, by the way, no one is talking about.

The pervert Alefantis visited the White House repeatedly and met with Obama at least once.

What is going on with Pizzagate, by the way?

Does anyone know?

AJ announced that he wasn’t talking about it anymore, even David Seaman seems to have quit talking about it.

By the way, he’s a kike. I didn’t know that. But right here at 7:00.

I should have known. I just thought he was beta af.

Anyway, if anyone has any new info on Pizzagate, or anything that they think needs covered, let me know, because I would like to keep this issue in the spotlight as much as possible. I just haven’t seen anything new, so I haven’t covered it, but we should probably just be repeating the old stuff I guess, keeping it in people’s brains.

We might be at the point where the only way we’re going to learn more is through subpoenas. But maybe if we were talking about it more, researchers would dig up more stuff.

We can’t let this just disappear, and we have to push for a real FBI investigation sometime in 2017.