Crimea Votes for Reunification with Mother Russia as US Warship Enters the Black Sea

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2014

From Russia with Love.
From Russia with Love.

The Crimean Parliament has voted in favor of reunification with the Russian Federation, and after approval from the Kremlin, will put the question to the people via referendum.

Basically, it is already a done deal.  Tsar Putin will not deny Russia’s lost children the right to return to their Mother, and this is undoubtedly what the people want.


The decision, which diplomats said could not have been made without Putin’s approval, raised the stakes in the most serious east-west confrontation since the end of the Cold War.

The vice premier of Crimea, home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, said a referendum on the status would take place on March 16. All state property would be “nationalized”, the Russian ruble adopted and Ukrainian troops treated as occupiers and forced to surrender or leave, he said.

A Crimean parliament official said voters in the region of two million people will be asked two questions: should Crimea be part of the Russian Federation and should Crimea return to an earlier constitution (1992) that gave the region more autonomy?

The Maidan usurper government, which achieved control of Kiev via a violet overthrow of the democratically elected President and is headed by the evil Jew Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is declaring this a crime against democracy.  And what else could we call letting the people decide their own fate, other than a defiling of the sacred principles of Western capitalist democracy?

They’ve even opened a criminal investigation against Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Askyonov, who was appointed in a closed session by the region’s parliament last week.

I’ll bet he’s just shaking in his boots.

Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Askyonov.  Just look at the fear on his face, what with all the threats from the Jews he's receiving (that is sarcasm).
Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Askyonov. Just look at the fear on his face, what with all the threats from the Jews he’s receiving (that is sarcasm – he doesn’t exactly look like the type to lose sleep because some pencil-neck kike called him a name).


The move by Crimean MPs to ask Moscow to allow the southern Ukrainian region to become part of the Russian Federation is “illegitimate”, according to interim Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk told the BBC’s Nick Robinson that the “so-called” referendum had no legal grounds.

“Crimea was, is, and will be an integral part of the Ukraine,” he says.

But how can he back that up?

Oh, well with the force of the US Military, of course.  Or so he believes.  And there is, indeed, a US warship is headed into the Black Sea, presently.

US Doom ship, on its way to start a World War.
US Doom ship, on its way to start a World War.


Turkey has given a US Navy Warship the green light to pass through the Bosphorus within the next two days as tensions in Ukraine’s Crimea region continue to divide world powers.

Turkish sources, speaking with the Hurriyet Daily News on Wednesday, declined to elaborate on the name of the US warship. The same officials told the daily on condition of anonymity that the ship in question was not the USS George H.W. Bush nuclear aircraft carrier as suggested in some news reports, as it did not meet the standards specified by the 1936 Montreux Convention in terms of weight.

The US vessel to pass through the straits will meet the convention’s standards, the sources said.

On Wednesday, the Russian Black Sea Fleet Staff confirmed to the Itar-Tass news agency that a US destroyer was expected to enter the Black Sea later this week.

Along with this, the Pentagon has deployed fighter jets to the Baltic.


After Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel first alluded to the effort during testimony on Capitol Hill earlier Wednesday morning, a Defense official confirmed that the U.S. will send six additional F-15s and one KC-135 to “augment the mission” in Baltic countries.

The U.S. currently provides four F-15s to what’s known as the Baltic Air Policing rotation. The additional aircraft will be sent from a base in Britain to Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania, the official said.

This action comes at the request of our Baltic Allies and further demonstrates our commitment to NATO security,” the official said.

Sending in warships and fighter jets to defend a violent revolutionary government against a nation attempting to restore order in the region certainly does demonstrate a very serious commitment of some sort, but I have a hard time accepting it is a commitment to security.

Yatz looked highly distraught at the press conference.  Almost as if he was about to break down in tears.

How can he be so upset, when the EU just agreed to match Putin’s previous offer and give the country $15 billion?


The European Union announced Wednesday it will offer Ukraine at least $15 billion (€11 billion) in aid as the country struggles with dwindling cash and a military standoff with Russia.

Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, said the package would provide Ukraine with assistance over the next few years. The aim is to help the country stabilize its economy and finances and work toward political and economic reforms.

Experts have been predicting Ukraine could default this month on its billions of dollars in debts. The country owes roughly $13 billion in debt this year.

What I’m guessing is that although the US media does appear to be getting around mentioning the tapped phone call between EU officials which all but proves conclusively that Maidan itself was responsible for the sniping of protestors at the end of last month, the people on the streets are getting hip to the news.

Here is a rather crucial video analysis of some of the shootings.

Imagine the impending rage of the people?  Putin will not have to put one boot on the ground, the people of Kiev are going to tear down this Maidan themselves.

Well, he might have to put some boots on the ground in Donetsk.  They’re having some trouble, and requesting assistance.

Donetsk: The Ukraine is Russia!
Donetsk: The Ukraine is Russia!

After getting kicked out of the government headquarters they’d conquered on Monday by Ukrainian paramilitary forces, they took it back again on Wednesday and raised the Russian flag on the balcony.

Russians to Ukrainian security forces guarding the building: “Excuse me, excuse me, comin’ through.”

The Obama crazies are making new accusations and threats against Putin, with the black President himself saying “yo Pooden, yo mama so fat, ah slapped er azz n it cause da earfquage.”


The State Department escalated a war of words Wednesday between the U.S. and Russia over the Ukraine crisis, accusing President Vladimir Putin of lying to justify “illegal actions,” as lawmakers threatened “crippling sanctions” against Russia.

Describing Putin’s comments the as most “startling Russian fiction” since writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote “The formula ‘two plus two equals five’ is not without its attractions,” the department identified 10 “False Claims about Ukraine.”

Oh crap. A Dostoyevsky reference.  Talk about kicking it up a notch.  Whew.


Meanwhile, lawmakers in the House and Senate on Wednesday introduced formal resolutions condemning Russia’s actions, as Congress and the Obama administration indicated sanctions could be imposed if the situation in Ukraine doesn’t improve, The Wall Street Journal reported.

We must place crippling sanctions on Russian high-ranking officials, state-owned banks and commercial enterprises, and key individuals behind the Russian intervention,” said Rep. Ed Royce, R., Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The committee will address the resolution Thursday after hearing testimony from State Department and Treasury officials.

"We must cripple Putin.  But first, we're gonna have to get him in a headlock." -Ed Royce
“We must cripple Putin. But first, we’re gonna have to get him in a headlock.” -Ed Royce

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R., Va., who is working on draft legislation for a loan guarantee package for Ukraine, said lawmakers need to put more pressure on Russia “to stop the flagrant aggression to its neighbor,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

“The world community should stand united against this invasion,” Cantor said. 

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew told Congress on Wednesday that the Obama administration is considering various options to hold Russia accountable for intervening in Ukraine, including sanctions and other ways “to increase Russia’s political and economic isolation.”

Hook-nosed monster Eric Cantor.  Why are you in my country?
Hook-nosed hell creature Eric Cantor. Why are you in my country?
Jacob Lew
Jacob Lew: Return to Israel immediately, you ratfaced monster. We do not want your war and you are not welcome in my country.

The trade situation between Europe and Russia is such that imposing sanctions would do unimaginable harm to their economies, but these Jews don’t really seem to care.  The most important thing to them, humanitarians that they are, is ensuring that the Maidan regime, which violently overthrew the democratically elected government of the Ukraine, are able to maintain freedom and democracy.  They may even be willing to trigger a third World War, because they care that much that the people of Ukraine have such freedoms.

It is a big duty to be chosen by Yahweh, gojim.  Every day you must do what is best to protect freedom and democracy, and sometimes you have to cause a lot of suffering to do that.

Way back on Tuesday, Russia responded to threats of sanctions rather hilariously.


Sergei Glazyev, who is often used by the authorities to stake out a hardline stance but does not make policy, was cited by RIA news agency as saying Moscow could recommend that all holders of U.S. treasuries sell them if Washington freezes the U.S.. accounts of Russian businesses and individuals.

In the instance of sanctions being applied to stated institutions, we will have to declare the impossibility of returning those loans which were given to Russian institutions by U.S. banks,” RIA quoted Glazyev as saying.

“We will have to move into other currencies, create our own settlement system.”

He added: “We have excellent trade and economic relations with our partners in the east and south and we will find a way to reduce to nothing our financial dependence on the United States but even get out of the sanctions with a big profit to ourselves.”

Here’s the ape President talking about how his sanctions are so super serious and how the opinions of the citizens of the Ukraine are irrelevant, because he said so.

Please note the difference in confidence levels here.  Everything that comes out of the mouth of any official spokesperson of the Kremlin is stated matter-of-factly, something unquestionable.  Everything that comes out of Washington is stuttering and confused, as they appear to be trying to make sense of their own words as they say them.  Putin has done every single thing he said he was going to do, exactly how how said he was going to do it, and Obama has jabbered and done nothing at all.

This is your fault, America.
This is your fault, America.

Another dichotomy here is between the support Obama has among our people, and the support Putin has among his.

Obama, already with the lowest approval rating of any President in the history of the concept of approval ratings, dropped even lower this week, while Putin is seeing his highest numbers in years.  Among many other things, this speaks to the instinctive understanding of the people – the Russians know what they are doing is right, Americans know what we are doing is wrong.

You don't know how lucky you are, boy.
You don’t know how lucky you are, boy.

That is, if they even know about it at all.  Though I have been staying in mostly for the past week or so, reading and writing about these troubles more than I should be, I talked to a couple people at the gym and they didn’t even seem to know anything was happening in the Ukraine.  Which is beyond unbelievable.  And some of these individuals were college girls.  They told me their professors aren’t even mentioning it.

We really are at risk of total war here.

They are almost going to have to do something to try and stop the reunification of Crimea, and there isn’t any option besides a military one.

It is important to understand that these Jews are completely insane, and do not have basic inhibitions.  They themselves don’t really seem to have any idea what is going on, they are merely carrying out a biological program.

There is no way to predict what is going to happen next.

God save Europa.
God save Europa.

May the Archangel guide the hand of Tsar Putin, and may he become what God intends him to become.

May he shine a Light into the Darkness, and light it up forever.

Hail Victory.