Credit Where Credit is Due: Megan Rapinoe Looks Better Than Any 34-Year-Old White Woman I’ve Seen

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2019

Megan Rapinoe is a dumb dyke cunt, etc., etc.

But credit where credit is due: I do not see many 34-year-old white women looking like this in a bikini.

So, say whatever the hell you want about this bitch.

I’ll say all those things.

But what I will not say is that she is not putting the overwhelming majority of heterosexual white women to absolute shame by actually caring about her body.

Except that the tattoos are of course disgusting. As is her face, but she can’t really do much about that, can she. Well, she could have long hair, which would make the face less noticeably disgusting.

These pictures should be used to shame other women.

You can send these via text message to whatever sluts, and say “why doesn’t your body look like this? This woman is more than ten years older than you.”

They will go nuts.

This woman’s body really feeds into the theory that the behavior of modern women has very little to do with feminism. This bitch is the uber-feminist. She is a literal lesbian. And yet, look at her. She actually gives a shit about what she looks like.

In reality, the main problem with modern women is their access to technology, and their ability to get unlimited attention from unlimited thirsty men, who will tell them they are beautiful no matter how fat and disgusting they are.