Creator of BERSERK Manga Kentaro Miura Dies at 54

Berserk is the official manga and anime of the Daily Stormer, and it has been announced that the book’s creator died on May 6.

Kentaro Miura will be greatly missed, and also, he probably died from a vaccine.

Miura-san was 54, and it has been stated that he died from aortic dissection. Publisher Hakusensha confirmed his death in a statement.

“All us editors sincerely pray for his repose, expressing our deepest respect and appreciation for his work,” the company said. They added that his family has already held a private funeral.

This is truly a sad event.

Berserk was an amazing story of the eternal adventure warrior.

I remember first watching the anime as a teenager with a good childhood friend of mine who is now dead from opioids.

The influence that this series had on me cannot be overstated.

The entire series is on YouTube.

(You can probably find a dub too, if you’re some kind of beer-guzzling Philistine.)

Everyone is upset.

A user on r/Berserk posted this lovely tribute painting.

Another r/Berserker posted a photo of an arrangement he’d put up at his Barnes & Noble store (which does still exist and which you should go to instead of Amazon, even if you have to pay triple).

“He probably died from the vaxx” is a meme at this point. But they are saying he died of aortic dissection, which is yet another weird heart problem.

Miura-san was 54, which is older than a lot of these people who are dying, and not necessarily too young to have a fatal heart problem, especially if he had a genetic history.

At the same time, Japan has rolled out the deadly Pfizer vaxx and has been ramping up vaxxing. They just recently approved the deadly AstraZeneca and Moderna vaxxes.

So, once again: because you can’t get any actual information about the vaxx, whenever anyone dies or gets some strange disease, you have to ask if it’s a result of the vaxx. It’s just a basic, obvious question.

This fact just has to be mentioned in any obituary now, as a matter of course, because if someone did die of the vaxx, the record needs to show that this is a possibility. I do not want to violate his obituary with this material, but I do not have any choice.

We can now put that aside.

He may also have died from normal heart problems caused by stress. Lots of mangaka have health problems and die young due to the stress of making manga, which typically involves nonstop work.

We can put that aside now, and simply honor Miura-san’s life and work. 

Miura-san was born in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, in 1966. He made his first manga at the age of 10, and his school published it for his classmates. That series, entitled Miuranger, ended up spanning 40 volumes. By the time he was in middle school, he began using India ink and professional techniques.

Miura-san continued to publish throughout his schooling, and at the age of 18, he began working as an assistant to George Morikawa, creator of boxing manga Hajime no Ippo.

However, Morikawa quickly decided that there was nothing more he could teach Miura, and told him to go make his own books.

Miura-san briefly attended art school, where he was a big success. He then started working professionally as a manga creator, and for a couple years struggled to get a hit. The first story of Berserk was published in Monthly Animal House (now called Young Animal) in 1989.

Berserk was published in Young Animal until Miura-san’s death (although it had been a while since the last publishing).

Several times, he made the cover of the magazine. It is a rare event for this kind of magazine to publish manga on the cover, given that the cover is usually reserved for half-naked women.

The books are published in English by Dark Horse comics. (While I do recommend the comics, it should be stated that they are filled with bloody violence and rape.)

Miura-san was often criticized for his long hiatuses and the generally slow pace of Berserk’s release. However, it must be noted that Miura-san was doing extra work, because his art style was so detailed. It is in fact much more akin to Western comic art than any other manga that I’m aware of. At least the early material was.

It got more cutesy nippy as the years went on, but it was still much more detailed and higher quality that most any other manga. The average manga is very rushed, with repetitive and low quality art, but Berserk was always very heavy on quality, with each frame being filled with love.

Often, the cutesy stuff was mixed in alongside his more traditional dark and detailed aesthetic.

In 2019, he took a break from Berserk to publish Giganto Maxia. It had a cutesy female protagonist fighting against the fantastically creative monsters that were a fixture of his work.

That story took place 100 million years in the future, and featured a tardigrade.

This more cutesy influence was possibly due to Miura-san’s well known addiction to the video game Idolm@ster. It is a game where you make your own Japanese pop idol, with core gameplay that resembles Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution.

Here is a video analyzing the effect his addiction to this game may have had on his work.

That video comes to the conclusion that there is no solid proof he was actually addicted to Idolm@ster. It may simply have been his obsessive perfectionism that caused his work to take so long to be released.

Once digital editing software became a thing, Mirua-san became even more obsessed with detail, and was said to have actually gone through pixel by pixel to fix up his art.

The influences of Kentaro Miura on Japanese and American culture cannot be quantified. In the case of the latter, much of it is unknown to the end user. But virtually all great modern artists were fans of Berserk, and Mirua-san’s influence resonates throughout Western culture.

Berserk directly inspired many Japanese works, including untold other manga and anime series. That includes Attack on Titan, which is probably the most famous anime ever (especially among right-wingers, since it is about mass immigration into Europe).

Several Final Fantasy characters (including Cloud from FFVII) and Dante from Devil May Cry were influenced by Berserk. The comic’s general aesthetic was one of the bases for the Dark Souls series.

Throughout the Dark Souls games, there are many scenes pulled directly from the Berserk manga.

Dark Souls is in fact the best Berserk video game, as the direct video game adaptations of Berserk were less than stellar.

Just so, many cite Warren Ellis’ Castlevania anime (Netflix) as the best anime adaptation of the manga, as there were many criticisms of the various Japanese versions. (Warren Ellis has recently been metoo’d and removed from the series, and it was going down before that, but the first season remains solid.)

I still love the original 1997 anime, as that was my first introduction to the wonderful world of Berserk.

As of this month, there are over 50 million copies of the Berserk manga in circulation, and that number is bound to double quickly as more find out about his work as a result of his untimely death.

Kentaro Miura was a special person, and an inspiration to me and so many others.

May Kentaro Miura rest in peace and may God have mercy on him.