Creator of Al Pacino Holocaust Show, A Third-Generation Holocaust Survivor, Responds to Criticism from Holocausters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

The Holocaust lobby has been righteously flipping out about a show on Amazon which depicts fake atrocities during the Holocaust, including a human chess game.


David Weil, creator and executive producer of the new Amazon Prime series “Hunters,” defended the show on Sunday following criticism by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial over its untrue depictions of the Holocaust.

The drama, starring Al Pacino as a Holocaust survivor, follows a group of Nazi hunters living in 1977 who track down high-ranking Nazi officials living in the United States who are conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in America.

The museum said that the show presents a “dangerous” fictional version of the Holocaust, specifically criticizing a scene in the opening credits where a chess game features humans as pieces killed after each is taken by the opponent.

It also suggested “invent an [sic] non-existing camp and Nazi atrocities perpetrated there. If you however use a real place, respect it’s [sic] history and suffering of its victims … One should not create fake reality if the details about this reality are so well documented.”

Jeez, am I allowed to deny this grammar?


Weil, whose grandmother was a Holocaust survivor, said the show “takes the point of view that symbolic representations provide individuals access to an emotional and symbolic reality that allows us to better understand the experiences of the Shoah and provide it with meaning that can address our urgent present.”

He added that it was important for him to tell a story about the Holocaust “without borrowing from a real person’s specific life or experience.” That’s the reason, he said, that he gave the Holocaust prisoners and survivors in the show tattoos greater than 202,499, the highest-recorded number ever given to an Auschwitz prisoner.

This is serious business. Deniers could start denying if they see these fake things depicted in this show.

There were so many things to choose from that really happened that Weil could have shown in his show.

For example, during the Holocaust, Jews were forced to climb trees and pretend to be roosters until they fell out of the trees.

They could have shown Jews being forced to push other Jews off of mountains.

They could have shown the cannibalism.

They could have shown the non-Jewish midgets “piled up like logs.”

They could have shown Mengele stitching a hunchback to a child.

They could have talked about how you had to outsmart Mengele by killing your own babies.

They could have talked about the humiliating reverse mohawks.

They could have shown the nipple wallets.

They could have shown Jared Kushner’s grandmother digging a 1,000-foot escape tunnel with a dinner spoon.

They could have shown how difficult it was to be gassed on a full stomach.

They could have shown how Jews were machine-gunned and then sold as meat.

They could have shown the Mesmerizing Mengele kicking Jews.

All of that is 100% true and factual.

But Weil chose to show a completely ridiculous game of human chess.

It’s just shameful. Imagine what his Holo-surviving ancestors would think?

However, it should be noted that some Jews like this show because it shows ultra-violent killings of Germans, who, I must remind you, forced Jews to climb trees and pretend to be roosters.

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