Crazy Jew Sam Nunberg Goes on Drunken Talkshow Rampage, Dares Robert Mueller to Arrest Him [UPDATE:CUCKED]

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2018


The Jew done cucked.


Sam Nunberg, who helped launch Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, said at first he would not comply with special counsel Robert Mueller’s demand.

He called the probe a “witch hunt” and dared Mr Mueller to arrest him.

But he later told the Associated Press he would probably end up complying.

It just goes to show – you can’t even trust a dirty Jew to go to jail.

Original article follows. 

The Russia kookspiracy was already an enormous circus, but thanks to this crazy Jew Sam Nunberg it has entered a whole new level of insanity.

Former Donald Trump campaign adviser and racial Jew Sam Nunberg stated in a series of nationally televised interviews that he is not going to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s special counsel. He even dared Mueller to arrest him.


For months, a parade of witnesses summoned by special counsel Robert Mueller has dutifully agreed to testify as part of Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference.

Until Sam Nunberg went rogue.

The former presidential campaign adviser to President Donald Trump publicly defied Mueller on Monday, announcing in a series of increasingly bizarre media interviews that he would ignore a grand jury subpoena from the special prosecutor — and even daring Mueller to put him in handcuffs.

Nunberg also suggested that his former boss faces legal jeopardy, telling CNN that Mueller “has enough” on the president and doesn’t need his testimony. “Let him arrest me,” Nunberg told the Washington Post.

These Nunberg interviews were some of the craziest things I’ve seen on cable news in awhile. He sounded completely trashed. During the in studio interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, she flat out asked him if he was drunk because she smelled alcohol on him. He claimed that he hadn’t been drinking and said that he had only consumed his daily dose of anti-depressants.

I think it’s safe to say that he was definitely on something. He was either drunk or on drugs or some combination of both. My guess is that he was mixing alcohol with pills but it’s hard to say for sure.

Whatever the case, he was rambling incoherently during the interviews. He expressed his anger at how Trump treated him and Roger Stone, called the special counsel a witch hunt and lashed out at numerous Trump campaign advisers and White House aides. Often times he’d be contradicting things he just said minutes earlier. It was a total circus and it would take a very long time to dissect all the crazy stuff he said.

CNN and MSNBC both gave him enormous amounts of air time probably thinking that he’d say something proving the conspiracy theories about Russia that they’ve been promoting. Responsible journalists would have never conducted a nationally televised interview with a person in this condition. Of course, CNN and MSNBC are run by America hating propagandists and the last thing they care about is ethics. They wanted a train wreck to maximize clicks and views. In this regard, they succeeded with flying colors as social media has been abuzz talking about these interviews.

The big take away to this is that this Nunberg Jew has just turned the Russia investigation into an even bigger clown show than it was. If Nunberg holds his ground and refuses to testify in front of the grand jury, they’ll have to put him in jail. If he ends up in jail, it will create such a side show that the American people will become even more jaded than they already are with all this Russia kook crap. Nobody cares about this because none of it impacts their lives.

But the optics of Nunberg’s appearance aside, he does have a point. Why is he being forced to turn over years of his emails and ordered to testify in front of a grand jury when none of Hillary Clinton’s advisers or aides were treated like this during the FBI’s illegal email server investigation? And it’s not like Nunberg was a major player in the Trump campaign itself. He was fired by Trump early on.

We also have Mueller trying to link Trump to some conspiracy with the United Arab Emirates now. This just goes to show how absurd everything has become.

There’s no question that this witch hunt has become one of the biggest embarrassments in the nation’s history. This Nunberg fiasco has the potential to make it the biggest. The special counsel needs to be shut down and we need an immediate investigation into the investigators.