Craig Cobb Denied the Right to Care for His Aged Mother Because He is an Evil Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

June 18, 2014

Cobb, in better days.
Cobb, in better days.

Craig Cobb, of Leith, North Dakota fame, has finished his jail sentence for carrying a gun on a road, but his troubles are not over.

He is being banned from Missouri, where his old mother lives, the state saying he should not have any basic human rights because of his politically incorrect views.

Cobb, 62, is serving four years’ probation after accepting a plea deal that avoided trial and possible prison time and is living in Bismarck. He had applied to move to Missouri to care for his aging mother.

Parole officials in that state denied Cobb’s application for an inter-state compact Thursday, saying he’d had little to no contact with his mother for the past 40 years.

On a white supremacist website, Cobb wrote, “So now the state prevents that (contact) to the end.” He said Missouri’s refusal means he may never see his 90-year-old mother again, or only for brief allowed visits, even though he’s not a rapist, carjacker or bank robber.

He also said he’s spent a lot of money since being released from jail and is literally going blind for lack of cataract surgery. He said officials here and in Missouri know about his condition. “This is part of their torture,” he wrote.

Tim Tausend, spokesman for North Dakota Parole and Probation Division, said Cobb has not made any formal application to have his probation supervised by any other state.

He said Cobb is living in temporary housing in Bismarck and has traveled within “a very small” circle in the Bismarck area since his release in late April. Cobb is wearing a global positioning system device and the department is able to track his whereabouts.

Tausend said the department is not releasing Cobb’s address to protect both the public and Cobb.

“His case has provided a lot of attention and we do not want to inflame that,” Tausend said.

I took issue with some of Cobb’s behavior, but this is disgusting no matter how you look at it. What he did was a very minor crime, and banning him from visiting his very old mother is clearly part of an ongoing politically motivated crucifixion.

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