Craig Cobb Charged with Felony ‘Terrorizing’ for Holding a Gun

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2013

Craig Cobb on patrol.
Craig Cobb on patrol.

Craig Cobb is very good at making headlines.  Last week, the whole world saw him on YouTube after a black British talk show viciously accused him of being 14% sub-Saharan African.  This week, he has been arrested for walking around Leith, North Dakota with his sidekick, brandishing firearms.  He has been charged with ‘felony terrorizing,’ with citizens of the town claiming the two men were stalking them.

Cobb has been attempting to establish an all-White enclave in Leith, and says that other people in the town were threatening him, so he decided to walk around holding a gun to demonstrate that he would not be cowed.  In hindsight, surely there were more prudent ways he could have shown his resolve.

I have to say that though I have been very supportive of Craig ever since he went public with the Leith plan, and do like the guy, this is a little bit frustrating.  There is no way he didn’t know that he was going to get arrested for this, and though he might be clever enough to get the charges dropped, it is yet more bad publicity for the cause of White liberation in North America.

Craig Cobb getting handcuffed.
Craig Cobb getting handcuffed.

I can understand the desire for showing strength, and I don’t fault him for displaying a gun, if he indeed felt threatened, but he could have, say, sat on his porch with it.  Doing a patrol of the town, especially with Kynan Dutton, who was recently arrested for drunken disorderly and out on bond, after a ridiculous outburst at a Leith town hall meeting (the intensely embarassing video of which is on YouTube), was reckless and irresponsible.

I hope Craig gets out soon, and I do wish him the best in his endeavor in Leith, but I also hope that he will, in the future, think his actions through a little bit better.  Allowing himself to fit perfectly into the media-formulated role of villainous White Supremacist is not a good propaganda strategy.  A lot of Americans would be very sympathetic to his ideas and his plan if it was simply executed in a slightly different manner.

I think that with the publicity he presently has, he shouldn’t have a problem turning this around, and making it into something more positive.  He is a charismatic guy, and does very well in the interviews he gets with the mainstream media.  He just needs to make a conscious effort to control the narrative being presented, rather than falling into the trap of playing out the pre-determined narrative of the Jew media.