Crafty Jewish Tricksters Hang Up George Floyd Sign to Avoid Social Distancing

Even from so tender an age, these infinitely precious Jews are showing that they have what it takes to make it in America.


To protect their First Amendment rights, a group of Hasidic kids reportedly hung up a “Justice For George Floyd” sign to stop police from breaking up their gathering over “social distancing” concerns.

Because New York City is selectively enforcing its Covid-19 ‘no large public gatherings’ guidelines by allowing protestors (and rioters) to assemble despite the lockdown, the kids assumed that the police would ignore their peaceful, religious gathering as long as it’s held in the name of George Floyd.

The city is still technically under lockdown until Monday, June 8.

They are truly honoring both the word and spirit of the Jewish religion, putting their faith into practice through such visionary deeds.

We are truly blessed that America has become such a country, that people such as these can best thrive within it.