Cowboys for Trump Founder Offered Plea Deal on Charges of Engaging in Political Protest, Praying

One of the highest crimes in a democracy is engaging in a political protest.

Our values cannot possibly withstand allowing people to disagree with the government – at least not in public.

This threat is taken to the maximum level if this protest involves prayers to Jesus.


Federal prosecutors have offered a confidential plea agreement to Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin that might resolve misdemeanor criminal charges against him linked to the Jan. 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol, according to discussions at a Monday court hearing in Washington.

The county commissioner from New Mexico still denies federal charges that he knowingly entering barricaded areas of the Capitol grounds with the intent of disrupting government as Congress considered the 2020 Electoral College results.

Griffin reached an outside terrace of the Capitol without entering the building and used a bullhorn to try to lead a tumultuous crowd in prayer. He was arrested after his return to Washington to oppose President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Griffin’s case inched toward trial in U.S. District Court in Washington as federal prosecutors have introduced vast troves on evidence about the Capitol siege from security cameras, police lapel recordings and social media posts.

The charges against Griffin carry a maximum prison sentence of one year and implications for Griffin’s future in public office.

If I were this guy, I would force a trial.

Of course, he could launch a meaningful career in local politics off of the back of this, even if he pleads.

But it is my strong perception that we should press this issue of the federal government claiming that political protest is illegal, and make them say it plainly, rather than dressing it up in gibberish.

Griffin’s case is perfect, because he cannot even be charged with trespassing, given that he didn’t even enter the building. It also has the prayer angle, which will force a double First Amendment showdown. He’s also already a public figure. I just do not imagine that there is a more perfect case to go to trial than this.

That said, he’s already locked in the special political prison known for torture, and he would most likely spend whatever sentence he’s given being tortured. It’s easy to call people faggots for not doing regular time, but it’s a lot harder when torture is involved.

Griffin has great optics.

I hope he can get tapped in on the vaxx and the Trump Betrayal and be a successful leader. In that larger scheme of things, maybe he’d do better to take the plea – as long as it doesn’t involving ratting on others, of course.

We need as much John Wayne as we can get.