‘Cowardly Barbaric’ Black Gets Life in Prison for Murder of White Sales Manager

ABC Local
March 20, 2014

Robert Kuentz
Robert Kuentz was shot in the neck by his Black employee who just walked into the office and fired at him.

The family of a murdered car sales manager in west Houston has closure. The man convicted of killing their loved one was sentenced to life in prison on Monday.

Keith Grimmett went back to a cell he’ll be spending years in after a judge gave him life in prison.

Victim impact statements were full of tears and anger as the grandfather of 30-year-old Robert Kuentz called it a cowardly, barbaric crime that took the life of his grandson.

“He’s a man but to me, he’s my son. He’s a good kid and he was my best friend also. I’m lucky I got to have the opportunity to have that relationship with him,” Henry Kuentz said.

Grimmet was charged with murder after shooting the Robert Kuentz, his store manager, at a Mac Haik dealership in 2012.

Keith Edward Grimmett killed his White boss over a petty disagreement that they had the day before.

The 49-year-old Grimmet was working as a salesman when prosecutors say he got into an argument with Robert Kuentz before shooting and killing him.

Grimmet’s defense attorney Stan Broussard says they thought he could get less than life but asked to speak with the victim’s family after the judges decision.

“I want them to be OK with this, to find their peace with it, as much as they can, and they have my sincerest condolences,” Broussard said.

While they left satisfied with justice, it won’t fill the holes in their hearts.

“It gives us peace that justice can be done. He got life in prison, and we got life also,” Henry Kuentz said.

Robert Kuentz left behind a wife and young son.