Cowardly Arabs Refuse to Imprison Russian Skanks Who Did Nude Public Event

So is public nudity allowed in UAE or not?

Arabs are such cowards. They won’t even enforce their own religion.


A group of models who were photographed naked on a balcony in Dubai will be deported from the UAE after authorities opted not to send them to prison. They were facing six months behind bars under the country’s lewd behavior laws.

On Sunday evening, a video of more than a dozen women posing in the nude went viral on social media when a resident of a Dubai skyscraper filmed the group from another building in the posh Marina neighborhood.

Shortly after, the local police department revealed on Twitter that they had all been arrested for lewd actions and debauchery, and were facing a six-month jail term or a fine of 5000 dirhams ($1,300).

“Dubai Police warns against such unacceptable behaviors which do not reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society,” the police said.

A few days later, the Dubai government’s media office revealed that the girls would be spared prison, and would simply be deported from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Look at this:


The single thing admirable about the Arabs is that they have a religion that historically has been hardcore.

Modern Arabs however are weak and effeminate, and their leaders also probably understand that they are not really bringing anything to the global table of globalism. They offer nothing, so if they were to act up and buck this incoming global system, they would just get removed and replaced with Arabs more willing to suck Jewish dick.

It wasn’t just the nude event, by the way.

The Arabs were letting these Russian prostitutes – who fly to Dubai to get shit on, literally, by the way – walk around in public like this:

If Arabs won’t enforce their own stated beliefs, then they really are more worthless than blacks.

I would support putting black Americans in charge of the Middle East. After all – they was kings.

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