Covidland Part 1: The Lockdown (Documentary About This Here Hoax)

This is the first part of a documentary called “Covidland,” produced by Alex Jones and directed by Paul Wittenberger, who made Pastor Steven Anderson’s film about the Jews, Marching to Zion.

I don’t agree with everything Jones says about the virus, and I don’t agree with him blaming the Chinese for things done by Jews. But the director blames the Jews, so maybe he kept the China stuff to a minimum.

I haven’t actually watched the entire film, and this is a filler post, but the first part is a flashback to early 2020. At this point, we probably generally forget just how weird that all was. It was just – wow. Closing all of those businesses and locking people in their houses.

Of course, what is more weird is the fact that this is still going. The vax mandate is weirder than a two-week lockdown. But this initial thing in 2020 was really hardcore shock and awe.

It’s very interesting to go back and look at those clips.

Anyway, Jones says this is part one of five. We’ll see if those other four parts are delivered. He sometimes fails to deliver, but he’s not directly making these films.