Court Says Chad Wolf is Invalid DHS Chief, So DACA Baby Orders Invalid

Every single failure of the Trump Administration was due to the unwillingness of a bought-out Senate. They wouldn’t pass laws, and they wouldn’t approve a cabinet which would do what President Trump wanted it to do.

Now, apparently, they failed to properly confirm the DHS Secretary, so the court is throwing out restrictions on DACA!

The good news is, all Republicans have now lost total faith in the entire governmental system due to the massive electoral fraud we all just watched.

Tolerance for this “you just lost everything on a weird technicality” nonsense is going to fall out, completely.

NBC News:

A federal judge in New York City on Saturday said Chad Wolf has not been acting lawfully as the chief of Homeland Security and that, as such, his suspension of protections for a class of migrants brought to the United States illegally as children is invalid.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that the Trump administration wrongly tried to shut down protections under the Obama-era legislation known as DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. On July 28, Wolf nonetheless suspended DACA pending review.

Homeland Security did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis said court conferences would be held to work out details of his ruling.

He concluded, “Wolf was not lawfully serving as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security under the HSA [Homeland Security Act] when he issued the Wolf Memorandum” that suspended DACA.

Karen Tumlin, a lawyer in the case and director of the Los Angeles-based Justice Action Center, said the ruling means, “the effort in the Wolf memo to gut the DACA program is overturned.”

She said the ruling applies to more than a million people, including more recent applicants and those seeking two-year renewals for protection under DACA.

“This is really a hopeful day for a lot of young people across the country,” Tumlin said.

It’s also a disastrous day for a lot of young white people who are seeing their future and the nation that their ancestors built for them taken away by force.

This is our country!

These people hate us, and they come here to take away what belongs to us!

Our nation is for OUR POSTERITY.

When these people come in, it is no different than barging into a family home and eating all the food in the refrigerator that the parents bought for their children!

We have to get these people OUT!