Court Rules That ‘Holocaust Survivor’ Stole $10 Million Ancient Relic

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2013

The Holocaust was not a defense for the Jews trying to keep their pilfered gold.
The Holocaust was not a defense for the Jews trying to keep their pilfered gold.

In 2003, a Jew Holohoax survivor named Riven Flamenbaum died in New York, and it was discovered that he had had in his possession a 3,200 year old Assyrian gold artifact stolen from a German museum.

The artifact was excavated a hundred years ago by German archaeologists from the Ishtar Temple in what’s now northern Iraq.  According to the court (who are presumably basing this on the testimony of some experts somewhere), the tablet dates to between 1243 and 1207 B.C., which was the reign of King Tukulti-Ninurta I of Assyria. It had been placed in the foundation of the temple of a fertility goddess, and its 21 lines beseech those who find the temple to honor the king’s name.

The 9.5-gram tablet, credit card-sized tablet went on display in Berlin in 1934.  After the war ended, it, like basically everything else in Germany, was looted by the allies and their Jewish masters.

In 2006, the German museum that the relic belonged to said they wanted it back.  Flamenbaum’s family said they couldn’t have it because they had tried to Holocaust Flamenbaum, and anyway, he had legally purchased it from a Russian soldier for two packs of cigarettes, the family claimed.

This week, a New York court ruled that the golden tablet was ill-gotten, and must be returned to Germany.

The alleged survivor’s family was outraged that they, as Jews, could ever be forced to give back something that they stole from evil White Germans.  They cried about it, saying that they had planned to donate it to the Holocaust Museum in Washington.

We can count this as one more victory over the lying Jews and their idiotic Holocaust fairy tale.