Court Halts Biden Vax Mandate (Don’t Get Excited)

Don’t get too excited about this. The reason that the mandate took so long was that the Jewish lawyers were figuring out how to get it through the courts.

It was always going to be temporarily halted.


A federal appeals court on Saturday temporarily halted the Biden administration’s vaccine requirement for businesses with 100 or more workers.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted an emergency stay of the requirement by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration that those workers be vaccinated by Jan. 4 or face mask requirements and weekly tests.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said the action stops President Joe Biden “from moving forward with his unlawful overreach.”

“The president will not impose medical procedures on the American people without the checks and balances afforded by the constitution,” said a statement from Landry, a Republican.

The U.S. Labor Department’s top legal adviser, Solicitor of Labor Seema Nanda, said the department is “confident in its legal authority to issue the emergency temporary standard on vaccination and testing.”

OSHA has the authority “to act quickly in an emergency where the agency finds that workers are subjected to a grave danger and a new standard is necessary to protect them,” she said.

Why would any country invite in foreigners to rule over them?

This is worse than “reverse colonialism.” Under European colonialism, colonized peoples were allowed to rule over their own internal domestic affairs.

A spokesman for the Justice Department, Anthony Coley, said in a statement: “The OSHA emergency temporary standard is a critical tool to keep America’s workplaces safe as we fight our way out of this pandemic. The Justice Department will vigorously defend this rule in court.”

Such circuit decisions normally apply to states within a district — Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, in this case — but Landry said the language employed by the judges gave the decision a national scope.

“This is a great victory for the American people out there. Never before has the federal government tried in a such a forceful way to get between the choices of an American citizen and their doctor. To me that’s the heart of the entire issue,” he said.

At least 27 states filed lawsuits challenging the rule in several circuits, some of which were made more conservative by the judicial appointments of President Donald Trump.

Most likely, this will be wrapped up before January 4, and go through on schedule. That’s why the mandate was delayed and pushed up to January – to allow time for it to work its way through the courts.

This process is just going to get everyone all emotional, thinking they’re not actually getting fired. Trust me – everyone is getting fired.

Even if you take the vax, you’re getting fired.

The entire idea here is to shrink the economy, and to push the population into poverty. You can read these people saying all of this.

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The dumbest thing the right-wing ever said was that “the government wants you to work and consume forever so that means this fake pandemic will end soon and everything will go back to normal.”

None of these people took questions about that, and they didn’t provide evidence. They just chuckled smugly when told that there is a well-documented conspiracy to totally transform the nature of human societies.

Well, the chuckling is over. These people now all look like retards, but they remain totally incapable of formulating any meaningful analysis of the situation.

I have a meaningful analysis: nothing is going back to normal and there is no future.

Don’t get caught up in the nonsense. Just do what you need to do to protect yourself from what is coming.