Couple are Furious When They’re Told They’re Not Allowed to Buy 552 Cans of Mountain Dew

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2020

America is supposed to be about Freedom.

If Americans can’t buy all of the Mountain Dew that they want to buy, then what America stands for has already been lost.

Daily Mail:

A couple desperate for their Mountain Dew fix ranted at workers who refused to let them stockpile 552 cans of the soft drink.

A female bystander filmed the shocking exchange as the man paid for his purchases shortly after dropping off the other boxes in a vehicle.

The man continued to present his case – literally – while the woman tried to play peacemaker and reason with the cash register attendant.

He subsequently pushed the cart away before the woman stopped him and alerted him that they were allowed to take only two of the four Mountain Dew cases.

She then slammed the remaining two boxes on top the counter and pushed the cart away.

Folks losing their mind up here for some Mountain Dew,’ the person recording the video managed to say as both soft drink hoarders abandoned the store.

This isn’t about Mountain Dew, it’s about principles!

If an American couple cannot buy as much of something as they want to buy, then what is even the point of trying to survive the pandemic?

What are we even fighting for?

We have to remember who we are.

And what we believe in.