Countries Banning Boeing 737 Jets Because the Blacks Crashed One

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2019

Yeah, I’m sure the problem was the jet and not the blacks flying it.

What a weird coincidence that it would happen to be the stupidest people on earth that crashed a jet, but it was the jet’s fault. There are more jets on every populated continent in the world than there are in Africa, but somehow, the jet with a problem just happened to crash in Africa.


As the troubled Boeing 737 MAX jets are being diverted in European skies, with nations shutting airspace over the deadly crash in Ethiopia one by one, an Israeli-bound Norwegian Airlines plane was forced to return to Stockholm.

Data from tracker website Flightradar24 shows that Norwegian flight DY4545 got as far as Romania before the plane was diverted back to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The U-turn coincided with an announcement by Norwegian Airlines that it was suspending all Boeing 737 MAX 8 flights following the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday – the second disaster involving the new Boeing jet in the last six months.

On Tuesday, Austria, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, Oman, Indonesia, Poland and the Netherlands announced they would be suspending all flights involving the Boeing aircraft, joining several other nations and airlines that announced bans the day before.

We are now at the point where our society is so obsessed with blacks not being failures, that we will not just blame all white people for their endless failures, but also blame the manufacturers of the machinery they are incapable of operating properly.

This is just like blaming the NRA for the murder rate in Chicago, really. It’s the logical next step.