Counter-Currents Radio: Interview with Weev

Daily Stormer
April 21, 2016


Weev was on Counter-Currents.

A very good interview.


Counter-Currents show notes:

Greg Johnson interviews the legendary hacker and internet troll Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer. Topics discussed include:

  • Weev’s life, education, and awakening
  • White slavery
  • White genocide
  • Why racial tension is based on experience rather than ignorance
  • Religion: from Christianity to Odinism (as a protest vote)
  • Christian Identity
  • The claim that he is of Jewish descent
  • His ethnic background
  • His exile from the United States
  • His life in Abkhazia
  • Weev’s printer prank
  • Weev’s RACE method of conversion
  • The importance of quantitative methods for testing our message
  • Memes and the far Right
  • Millennials
  • Opera and classical music
  • The importance of technology for White Nationalism
  • John Robb’s Global Guerrillas and Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization