Countdown to Destruction: Biden Lunatics Aggressively Harassing Russia and China

The situation in the Ukraine is spinning out of control rapidly. The Biden People have B-1 nuclear-capable bombers patrolling in Scandinavia. They’ve begun flooding the region with warships.

Last week, they upped the ante and did a patrol with B-1 bombers over the Aegean Sea.

CNN, April 9:

The United States is considering sending warships into the Black Sea in the next few weeks in a show of support for Ukraine amid Russia’s increased military presence on Ukraine’s eastern border, a US defense official told CNN Thursday.

The US Navy routinely operates in the Black Sea, but a deployment of warships now would send a specific message to Moscow that the US is closely watching, the official said.

The Defense official also said the Navy is continuing to fly reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace over the Black Sea to monitor Russian naval activity and any troops movements in Crimea.

On Wednesday, two US B-1 bombers conducted missions over the Aegean Sea.

Those are not normal patrol jets. They’re nuclear bombing jets.

Russia is of course massing troops on the border in response to all of these threats and aggressive actions.

Meanwhile, the Biden people are also continuing to menace China.

Antony Blinken is spoiling for a fight after getting bitch-slapped in Alaska.

Note the use of the “warning message” language again.


The United States military has engaged in a form of “cognitive warfare” following the latest encounter between its warships and the Chinese navy.

Both countries have deployed aircraft carrier strike groups to the East and South China seas, led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the Liaoning, respectively.

On Sunday, the US released a photo that showed one of its guided-missile destroyers, the USS Mustin, shadowing the Liaoning group – a move that analysts said was designed to send a clear message to the Chinese.

The photo taken on Monday somewhere in the East China Sea showed the ship’s captain, Commander Robert J Briggs, and his deputy Commander Richard D Slye watching the Liaoning, which was just a few thousand metres away.

What do people think is going on with all of this?

How does it make sense that the US military is aggressively menacing these superpowers, and then also claiming they’re defending themselves?

Have these people seen a globe, or any world map?

Russia and China are not on the same continent as the United States.

This is why I wish they taught maps in schools.

What does it even mean to claim that these countries are threatening us?

There is no benign explanation as to why the Biden People are doing this.

Then the question is: is there any reason they would be doing this other than that they were trying to start a world war?

The answer to that is: sure, I guess.

They could just be trying to pressure these countries for some reason.

But the only way it makes sense as a pressure campaign is as a threat of war.

That is to say: you might point a gun at someone you’re not planning to shoot, in order to get them to give you their wallet, but the implication is that if they don’t give you their wallet, you will shoot them.

This stock photo seems kinda racist, no?

Clearly, there are scenarios where a “robbery goes wrong,” and someone you intended to rob ends up dead.

I think it’s very clear that while the people in charge of the US government right now are evil, they are also not very smart.

Speaking of “the people in charge” – we don’t really understand who that is, do we?

  • Joe Biden is a vegetable.
  • He has surrounded himself with Jews and other villains.
  • The military appears to be acting on its own.

I don’t know who I would actually point to as being in charge of the US military right now. I don’t think it is that black guy or the timid Jew.

Generally, I would say that Bill Gates is more in charge of America’s domestic policy than anyone else, but I’ve never seen him involved in foreign policy.

Furthermore, if it was Israelis or strongly Israel-linked neocons, they would want this to start in Iran. I think?

Or maybe Russia is considered an easier target?

Russia has a serious problem in that they let unfiltered American media flood into the brains of their youth for the last 30 years, and more than that, for some reason they still haven’t banned Twitter, which means the State Department can organize internal revolution themselves.

One thing we’ve found about these hoes is that they ain’t loyal.

What’s more, the Moslems inside Russia’s borders would probably start doing train bombings again if a war starts, which will feed into the back-stab.

I guess the big question is whether or not China would commit itself to the defense of Russia. The think tank consensus is “no.”

But if I were China, I would be looking at that map.

If Russia became a ZOG base, that would not be good for China.

Russia is a big bulwark for China. This is especially true since their entire country is otherwise completely surrounded by the US military.

These numbers are ten years old, but this is the best map I can find to give you a basic idea of China’s situation:

It is certainly suspicious that China decided to put their country so close to US military bases.

You add to that the fact that the Middle East is flooded with US troops and US-backed terror groups, and if Russia were to fall to ZOG, China would be totally encased.

Probably, everyone in the Washington establishment basically thinks it’s a good idea to start a world war. But that still doesn’t explain who is actually making these decisions.

This entire concept of a totally secret government, where even if you’re analyzing it, you can’t figure it out, is very concerning.