FarCry 5 Commentary: Count Dankula is a Weird Sonovabitch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2017

This is Count Dankula.

He is the guy who is potentially facing prison time for teaching his girlfriend’s dog to heil Hitler.

He is a really weird sonovabitch.

Here he’s saying that people who are protesting FarCry 5 – which features a White Christian version of ISIS – are just whiners and it’s just a game so who cares.

He jokes that a game where the goal was to commit a white genocide would be funny. And yes, ironically, a game like that could be funny. Especially if the player character choices were Tyrone the Crack Dealer, Problem Glasses Jenny and Yuri the Angry Merchant.

But we are not talking about irony or jokes here, we are talking about the serious use of entertainment to force a political agenda down the throats of mainly white gamers.

Pretty awesome graphic tho.

From what I’ve read, FarCry 5 is absolutely a purposefully political, purposefully anti-White, anti-Christian game, like that Bioshock sequel I can’t remember the name of where the Founding Fathers were evil robots trying to kill niggers or something.

And no, Dankula – killing all the kids in Fallout because it’s funny is not the same thing as a game specifically designed to push a political agenda against White people.

It doesn’t even relate to that in any way.

He seems to be implying that it is impossible to use entertainment media for political indoctrination purposes, which is Pollyanna-tier.

Ooooooooo, Dankula just got burrrrrrrrned.

No way in hell I’ll ever have time to play this game, but maybe someone who does will write a review for us. I’m intrigued.


Dankula is basically like a better, heterosexual version of MILO, or a less serious version of Sargon of Akkad – “I’m totally a centrist and don’t really care about anything I just think mainly that people should stop feeling strongly about things.”

I don’t know how anyone decided that was a clever or edgy position to take. Well, maybe I do know how they decided that – it’s a position that allows you to make fun of ridiculous people on the left without having to commit to having your own convictions. I certainly don’t agree with it.

Manhood is defined by convictions.

And for the record: the left doesn’t have actual convictions, they have irate emotionality.

So the old Sargon “Nazis are just like SJWs, except the opposite” is goofy and wrong and an easy way out of explaining away his own lack of convictions.

There is also the fact that right-wingers have actual logic to support their positions – logic which can be worked through using science.

As I wrote yesterday:

The bottom line here is that right wing and left wing ideologies are not equal. One is based on feminine emotionality (or emotionalism) and the other is based on masculine logic and reason.

This fact is born out not only in the data which shows that women are much more likely than men to be left-leaning, but also in the fact that higher testosterone males are more likely to be right-leaning than lower testosterone males.

This is why the debate must be shut down and freedom of speech silenced. Because debate is – in its ideal form – a scientific method to come to logical conclusions.

Everything in life should be as scientific as possible. That is to say, logic and data should be used to draw conclusions about the way things should be done.

All of our political battles come down to the conflict between masculine worldview and the feminine worldview – logic verses emotion.

If this framework is used, the political landscape is much easier to understand.

It is extremely ironic that we on the right are accused of being “driven by hate” – an emotion – when in fact all that we are demanding is that logic – the opposite of emotion – be applied to the global decision-making process.

So I mean, whatever.

I think Dankula’s videos are funny. I’ve been watching them since he did the Nazi Dug vid.

It’s always good, in my opinion, to get the thoughts of various weirdos.

You all should go comment on his video and tell him to make a response to this article. I’d be interested. I’d even do a podcast with him sometime (NOT A DEBATE – STOP DOING DEBATES – LOOKING AT YOU, BEARDSON), just a conversation.

Btw, just as a side here – remember the other day I was talking about different male pattern baldness situations?

I actually think this is working for him.

Piercings are pretty “bottom inning of 2005″ish, but I think he’s being ironic with that.

Or maybe Scottish fashion is just a decade behind.

I mean, there is other evidence of this.

For example, in 2005 stretched out t-shirt collars were a big thing too.

You guys remember that? Back in 2005, when people were purposefully stretching out their t-shirt collars so they hung down to the middle of their chest? Sort of like an X-TREME homemade v-neck?


IN 2005?