Cougar Murdered by Racist Cops for Defending Self Against Seattle Cyclists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2018

For years, liberalist Seattle cyclists have made a hobby of riding their bikes up into the mountains and running down helpless mountain lions.

Of course, the one time a cat tries to stand up and defend himself, he is hunted down and murdered by the cops.


US wildlife officers in Washington state have shot dead a cougar that killed a cyclist and mauled another.

The two cyclists were in North Bend, about 30 miles (50km) from Seattle, when the attack occurred. The injured man used his mobile phone to seek help.

The rider who died was dragged away by the cougar to its den, said King County sheriff spokesman Sergeant Ryan Abbot.

Wildlife officials said it was only the second fatal cougar attack in Washington state in the past 100 years.

Tracker dogs were used to locate the animal, hours after the attack.

Sure, sure.

The cougar attacked the cyclists, unprovoked.


Nevermind the statistics showing that a cyclist is 68 times more likely to attack a cougar than the other way around.

A liberalist Seattle cyclist stands over the corpse of a cougar he just ran down with his bicycle, smiling supremely

But you won’t see any “Cougar Lives Matter” protests over this, will you?

No, you won’t.

Because America is a cyclist supremacist country, controlled by cyclists to the detriment of cougars.