Costa Rica: Deadly Vax Required to Enter Most Commercial Establishments from December

Earlier this year, Costa Rica was regarded as one of the last truly “open” countries on earth, since it didn’t (and still doesn’t) require travelers to be vaccinated or take any kind of test for entry.

But things are changing quickly.

The Tico Times:

Starting December 1, 2021, Costa Rica will require the Covid-19 vaccine in order to enter most commercial centers and to participate in many public activities.

Establishments requiring vaccination will include: Restaurants, bars, casinos, commercial centers, museums, gyms, hotels, adventure tourism, theaters, sites of worship and sporting events:

Essential services (e.g. supermarkets, pharmacies) are not included in the nationwide vaccine mandate.

As Costa Rica begins mandating the Covid-19 vaccine, it will ease capacity restrictions at most businesses and will begin allowing more mass events with in-person attendance, including concerts and sporting events.

“We have to give time for the people who remain to get their two vaccines,” said President Carlos Alvarado. “As of December 1, there will be no excuse.”

President Carlos Alvarado

Vaccine status will be verified via a digital form or mobile-phone application that will be made available in November. The QR code will not require an ongoing internet connection, and it can also be printed.

According to Outlier Legal, tourists will use their Health Pass and vaccination card to enter businesses.

It was inevitable, really.

Costa Rica has been in bed with ZOG since forever, so it was only a matter of time before its leaders received an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Let’s hope Mexico and Colombia (the last remaining open countries in the Americas) don’t fold quite so shamelessly.