Cory Booker Books It to Suck Biden, Joe

Daily Stormer
March 10, 2020

Is Daily Stormer even trying anymore?

This is really going to help Joe Biden’s campaign.

New York Times:

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey endorsed former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. for president on Monday, adding to what has become a nearly complete consolidation of support from Mr. Biden’s former top rivals to push him to the Democratic nomination.

Mr. Booker’s endorsement comes one day after Senator Kamala Harris of California endorsed Mr. Biden, and the two senators were set to appear with him at a rally in Detroit on Monday night. Mr. Booker also campaigned alongside Mr. Biden in Flint, Mich., earlier in the day.

“It a time for us to beat Donald Trump and it became very clear to me that Joe Biden is the right person to do that,” Mr. Booker said in an interview on “CBS This Morning,” after announcing his endorsement in a tweet.

“We have to unify and show our strength and I think this Tuesday could be a pivotal day in our primary progress, but it’s about time that we start unifying as a party and begin the work to beat Donald Trump, and frankly save our nation.”

It is bold for Booker to take such a bold move.

If we keep on this path, soon we will have a nigger for president.