Corrupt Capitalist Coon Obama Considering Denouncing the Bernie Revolution

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2020

Capitalism has failed, coonskin. Just go away!

Back in November, we got reports that the anti-revolutionary ape Barack Obama was planning to “step in” and “prevent” the Fearless Communist Hero Bernie Sanders from becoming the Democrat Party presidential nominee if he ever got close.

Now, Bernie is within striking distance of the nomination, and Obama is reportedly considering his attack.

I don’t know how the Capitalist Coon is so filled with himself as to believe he can simply give the word and cancel our Red Revolt – but this nasty ape has another thing coming.

All black people support capitalism, because if it was not for capitalists bringing them to America as slaves, they would all still be living in Africa in mud huts.

Barack Obama minus capitalism
Barack Obama’s daughters minus capitalism

Meanwhile, if it was not for capitalism white people would be sitting around in beanbags playing video games all day and not having to work.

Capitalism has failed and the people know that the jig is up. The only way forward for America is brutal communism.

America has had enough of capitalism!

We have seen the future and the future is not Obama-tier counter-revolutionary focus on distractions like identity politics. The future is an absolute overthrow of the entire system, killing rich people, nationalizing all the corporations, and giving the money back to the people it was stolen from.

The money will soon be ours.

If Obama wants to make a move, he’d better do it quick, because soon, the Democrat Party’s fate will be sealed.

Bernie Sanders is going to bring us into a new age of bloody socialist prosperity, where gamers will not work and we will use the money of the capitalists to pay for unlimited games on Steam.

Workers march, holding up the $1,000,000 Steam cards that Bernie has given each of them after he ordered all rich people to be taken out into fields and shot.

I advise all of you: when the election comes, do not listen to your heart or your conscience or your higher nature.

Instead: listen to the money talk.