Coroner Confirms BBC Presenter was Killed by Deadly Vaxx

The BBC has to eat their own cookies, as the old saying goes.

A rogue coroner has fed them these cookies, straight from their own jar – if you catch my drift.


A coroner’s report has confirmed that late BBC Radio presenter Lisa Shaw died from “complications” related to AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine.

Shaw died on May 21 at the age of 44 roughly three weeks after she received her first dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine. She did not have any known underlying health problems but developed blood clots after receiving the jab.

On Thursday – over three months after her death – a coroner finally confirmed that Shaw died from complications that were suffered as a result of vaccination.

Coroner Karen Dilks declared that Shaw “died due to complications of an AstraZeneca Covid vaccination,” or specifically, “vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia” which caused the blood clots in her brain.

In the weeks after the vaccine, Shaw had complained about severe headaches.

Some 332 similar cases and 58 deaths have been recorded in relation to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Many countries have suspended or completely stopped the use of AstraZeneca’s vaccine, with some limiting its use for those over the age of 60. In the UK, however, the age restriction is significantly lower.

On May 7, just over a week after Shaw received her dose, the UK government announced that those under the age of 40 should be offered an alternative to AstraZeneca “if available and if it does not cause delays in having the vaccine.”

The government currently warns that AstraZeneca’s side effects can include rare blood clots, capillary leak syndrome and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and that those who experience “a severe headache that is not relieved with simple painkillers or is getting worse or feels worse” should “seek medical advice urgently.”

Shaw was the first high-profile vaxx death that I remember widely circulating – or trying to circulate through the censorship.

This has implications on other deaths from various types of blood clots and brain failure. The only reason this was a story is the woman was famous. If some nobody dies at 44 three days after taking the vaxx, they just say “oh well, he just died randomly for no reason at all.” They were even doing this with famous people.


Also: it’s very obvious that something that causes deadly brain death in some would cause brain damage in many. I’ve said this before: there is no way that creating all of these mini blood clots in the brain is not causing serious and permanent brain damage. You can get serious, permanent brain damage from falling down and hitting your head – so obviously, causing every blood vessel in your brain to clot at the same time is going to cause serious brain trauma.

Of course, it’s the AstraZeneca vaxx, which they have been saying for a long time is the most deadly, despite the fact that the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaxxes are much more deadly.

It’s truly shocking that the coroner would be allowed to make this ruling. But whether it was purposeful or not, what they are going to be able to do is scapegoat the AstraZeneca vaxx. They will go out and claim that it is the only one that has killed people, and take it off the market.

People are of course retarded, especially the people who are willing to take all of these deadly vaccines. Most stupid, fat, sloppy Americans probably don’t even know that there is more than one vaccine. I would like to see a poll on that – who makes the vaccines? How many are there? Are the companies liable if people die from these deadly vaccines? Can you sue them in court if you die?

Anyway, they can wrap up all the deaths in the AZ bag and throw it under the bus with the rest of the jetsam from this debacle.

“AstraZeneca” is not some established brand. It’s a shell corporation for Oxford University frauds and quacks.

Daily Reminder: Lisa Shaw had a Zero Percent Chance of Dying of the Virus, According to Their Own Fake Data

I don’t believe anyone is dying “from the coronavirus,” because I do not believe “the coronavirus” exists at all. I believe – in fact, I’m certain – that all of the deaths that they attribute to “the coronavirus” are laundered from existing respiratory diseases as well as things like heart attacks and cancer.

Basically, people are incapable of comprehending a lie of this magnitude, and so they look for other explanations – the lab leak, bioweapon, etc. People simply cannot face the most obvious thing in the world: there is no evidence that any new virus exists.

It’s all a lot of bun.

HOWEVER – even if you do believe in this absurd hoax, according to the government’s own data, Lisa Shaw, a healthy (not fat) 44-year-old woman, had a 0% chance of “dying of the coronavirus.” No official government body in the world claims that a healthy person under 65 has really any chance at all of dying “from the coronavirus.”

Most people who “die of the coronavirus” according to the official statistics of every country are older than the average life expectancy. Then something like 95% have existing conditions.

Lisa Shaw looks like a real stupid bitch, so she probably thought she was going to die from Covid. You see these millennials on reddit and Twitter think that. They also sexualize their belief in The Science and get off on injecting it into their bodies.

But the official reason that Lisa Shaw was given the vaccine is that it is to protect other people – specifically, people over the age of 80 and people who already have some terminal disease.

The process via which “the vaccine only protects others from you but not yourself from others” is not clear, no one has tried to clear it up, and they now say that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission at all anyway.

But understand: these people are telling you to take a vaccine that might end your life so that you can protect people over the age of 80.

What happens if you protect someone over the age of 80 from getting the coronavirus?

Do they then just live forever?

(Is this article too long?)