Coronavirus Vaccine: Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Dentists, And Veterinarians Will Vaccinate People

“It will save lives.”

The government in the United Kingdom is preparing some kind of army to mass-vaccinate the population with a mystery fluid alleged to help fight against the coronavirus.

There is no escape. They’re preparing as if they were going to vaccinate everyone because they intend to vaccinate everyone.

Daily Mail:

The Government is drawing up new rules to fast-track any coronavirus vaccine by giving it emergency approval, when one is eventually found to be safe and protect patients from the life-threatening disease.

A change to current laws could allow the UK to sidestep the European Medicines Agency’s red tape and get a jab rolled-out faster, without waiting for approval from the EU.

And the Government is also training up an army of medical workers to be able to give out the jabs in order to speed up the process. This could include pharmacists, midwives, paramedics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and even vets. The workforce is set to be trained by October.

The race to find a vaccine for Covid-19 is hurtling ahead, with scientists around the world designing and trialling dozens of candidates in the hope that one will work and spell an end to the pandemic.

One of the most promising has been developed in the UK by researchers at Oxford University and is already in large-scale human trials to test its effectiveness. Donald Trump is reportedly considering fast-tracking it for use in the US before the election this November, even though scientists haven’t proven it works.

When one is eventually found to be effective and safe, officials will scramble to get it to as many people as possible to avoid another devastating wave of deaths like the one Britain suffered this spring, when 40,000 infected patients died.

Of course, “as many people as possible” means all people. They can make it mandatory if they want. It looks like they want to do it. Old laws don’t apply anymore. They’ve shown that they can take away everyone’s rights and humiliate people, forcing them to live like prisoners, using “the virus” as an excuse.

The fact that coronavirus is about as dangerous as the regular flu makes all of this even scarier. This isn’t about saving lives.

What are our rulers up to?