Coronavirus Vaccine is Extremely Unpopular, 33% Now Say There is No Way They’re Taking It

We know the masks are unpopular.

The vaccine is equally unpopular.


According to a pair of surveys conducted by Axios/Ipsos, the number of Americans willing to try out the first round of COVID-19 vaccinations has dramatically dropped over the past month.

The graph below shows both Democrats and Republicans have become more skeptical of the vaccine.

Only half of those surveyed would pay for the injection out-of-pocket and just 13% would take the shot right away.

33% of people said they’re “not at all likely” to take it, which is up from 26% in August.

Men are more likely to take the first round of vaccines than women while black Americans were half as likely to take it than Hispanic or white Americans.

Likely due to a distrust of the Trump administration, Democrats saw the largest drop in willingness to take the vaccine at a 13% reduction.

Republican vaccination approval dropped 8% and for Independents, it dropped 2%.

Part of that is that the vaccine is being framed as a Trump vaccine. That’s some kind of electioneering which frankly I don’t really understand (I thought vaccines were SCIENCE! and the scientific thing to do is get as many as possible no matter where they come from or what’s in them).

Republicans have always been skeptical of vaccines, just given that Republicans are generally more prone to being anti-authority and skeptical of institutional power – skeptical of people saying that they’re smarter than them and know best how they should live their lives.

Excitement about a vaccine is generally going to go down because people are no longer so scared of the virus (or they’ve adapted to being scared of the virus and don’t want the situation to change, which is weird but something that happens in the human brain).

The vaccine was presented as a path back to normalcy – in fact, the only path back to normalcy. I will never forget the interview with Zeke Emanuel, Jewish-Israeli master of Obamacare, all the way back in April, when he said that we were going to stay in lockdown for years until there is a vaccine.

No one was paying attention to him then, and when I went out and publicly said that this was what they were going to do – violating my rules against making hard predictions – people said I was insane. But by April 7th when he gave that interview, I already knew that the virus was a hoax. Any lockdown was only to hurt people, to hurt the society. So it was obvious that they were going to push it as far as people would tolerate, and people are really tolerant of being bullied by Jews.

They’ve now said a vaccine would only be 50% effective, which means it isn’t a path back to normalcy at all. Right now, according to current standards decided by the media and the government, if even one person gets infected with the virus, it’s too much. Even if they don’t get sick, to get infected at all is something we cannot tolerate.

So there actually is no path out being presented, and the only possible path out is the one China took: stop testing.

Record coronavirus infections and deaths as we always recorded flu deaths.

Force the CDC to go back to the old standards of recording a flu death, instead of these lunatic new standards where everyone who dies with shortness of breath is a coronavirus death, and everyone who dies after testing positive is a coronavirus death even if they die in a car crash or fall down the stairs.

There simply is no chance that there will be significant excess deaths if we take this path. No one will notice a “pandemic.” The only way anyone knows there is an alleged pandemic right now is that the media and government keep saying it. Understand that: if a test for coronavirus hadn’t been invented, no one ever would have known it existed. There would have been a bad flu season in northern Italy. Reuters would have published some articles saying “record flu deaths among elderly in Lombardy,” and seeing that headline would have been the extent to which anyone was affected by the coronavirus.

Not even Anthony Fauci or any of these people can refute the claim that if there hadn’t been a test, no one would have noticed the virus. They will claim that if we hadn’t responded, millions of people would have died, and we’ve saved millions of lives by wearing masks and so on, but that is 100% disproved, trivially, by the fact that Sweden never did a lockdown. Sweden’s monthly deaths did not significantly increase. They certainly didn’t increase enough to the point where people would notice that more people are dying – or that the morgues would get overrun or one of these hysterical lies Fauci spread.

(If we banned testing, the people who are really hardcore lunatics could still go around with their masks, they could lock themselves in their houses, they could close their businesses – okay, that is their right. No one was ever preventing people from doing that. This entire thing of “we’re your mommy now” represents a totally new perception of the government’s role in our lives and the fundamental basis for the lockdown is that people can’t make their own decisions about their lives and what risks they’re willing to take.)

However, a ban on testing would require the people who run the country – the media in particular – to not want to destroy the country. There is no way to create a situation where the media and government do not want to destroy the country. They want to collapse the economy and abolish the middle class and they want to take everyone’s freedoms away, and that is why we have a coronavirus pandemic hoax in the first place.

They can introduce a vaccine and they can force everyone to take it if they decide to do that. It won’t change the direction things are going. The current trajectory is based on the idea that the government has a right or a duty to protect you from your own decisions, and that any amount of risk is too big for you to take.

Unless that risk involves say injecting yourself with fentanyl or having gay anal sex.