Coronavirus Psychosis: When Fear of a Fake Apocalypse Causes a Real Apocalypse

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2020

The Coronavirus mass psychotic hysteria is going to go down as one of the most significant events in all of human history. Certainly, it is the most significant event in world history since World War Two. The outcome of this is going to collapse the entire order of the world.

It falls upon us to further examine this concept of mass hysteria, which is the actual illness that has infected the whole world. Let us first go over some of the extraordinary facts surrounding this case. These facts are documented in full and for the most part are completely undisputed, and yet they are either being ignored or misunderstood by the raving masses of people.

  • What is being called Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a “novel coronavirus.” Every year during flu season, 7-15% of flu infections are from a novel coronavirus. Even if this were to turn out with a high death toll, it would still just be a bad flu season. However, at time of writing there are 25,000 people in America dead of non-corona flu viruses, and just over 5,000 deaths from corona flu. So we are on track for this to be a normal flu season.
  • In 2018, 80,000 people died of the flu. The hospitals were much more pressured than they are today, going so far as to put up tents to treat people in parking lots.
  • The mortality rate statistics they are reporting in the media are being calculated completely differently than the flu is calculated and then compared with the flu mortality rate. Whereas the normal way to report the flu is to estimate the total number of infected and then calculate an estimated mortality rate based on the estimate of the number of those infected, with Coronavirus, they are reporting a mortality rate that is the percentage of deaths from those who test positive. As we know that the symptoms can be light or even nonexistent, the number of infected is likely 20 times more than the number tested, which would mean that the mortality rate they are reporting is 20 times the actual mortality rate, which would put it exactly where any other flu tends to be. The media and government have stated this frankly, and yet they continue to compare the death count to that of the flu.
  • In Italy, doctors reported that over 99% of those who have died have had preexisting conditions. They were also counting anyone who tested positive for the virus after death as having died of Coronavirus, even though it is certain that some of these people, particularly the old people (the average age of the deaths was 79.5-years-old), went to the hospital for some other reason and got infected with the virus at the hospital. Italy admits that this is the way they were keeping statistics – everyone who died and tested positive was a Coronavirus death. Given the way that viruses spread in hospitals, it is likely that everyone who died in the hospital was infected.
  • Even if you are unaware of the way they are abusing statistics, it is still totally remarkable to get worked up about this. Even by these ultra-inflated numbers the media is presenting, if you are under the age of fifty, you have less than a half of one percent chance of dying. If you do not have a preexisting condition, your chances of dying are effectively zero.
  • Flu season is almost over. There is no way that the infections will continue at any significant rate after the weather breaks later this month. According to the CDC, it is rare for much of anything to linger into May. Somehow however, we are talking about an incoming wave of infections and deaths.

This is all very easy and available information, and it is being spread now by some people across the internet. Yet, many people choose to ignore these facts and continue on in a state of hysteria. I have personally talked to people, in real life, and stated these facts to them, and watched their faces go blank for a few seconds before they return to spewing hysteria. These were all smart people, with one of them being remarkably smart and well informed on all of the various issues we discuss on this website. But he was incapable of grasping this very simple statistical data which demonstrates that Coronavirus is nothing more than the flu.

We also know of many people on the internet, who I will not name, who are very intelligent and yet are in a state of hysteria over this virus. So I do not think it is related to intelligence, other than that people with particularly low intelligence are probably less likely to fall for it because people with low intelligence are much less prone to neurosis.

Furthermore, I think it is not difficult to believe that the people running the government and the media are themselves caught up in this hysteria, and are not simply pushing an agenda. When you understand that this entire thing is effectively a gigantic hoax, where a normal flu is being labeled a new disease and the response is to completely collapse the entire economy and destroy the Western world entirely, you immediately assume it is some kind of agenda. However, without going into extreme “conspiracy theorizing,” I simply cannot imagine any agenda that the system would have that involves collapsing itself. Some of the theories I’ve played around with are interesting, and I will come up with a list in the future, but I now believe that Occam’s Razor says that the people making the decisions are suffering from the same delusions as the rest of the population.

This psychotic hysteria is actually a form of temporary insanity, in that these people are in a state where they cannot determine truth from falsehood. If you have ever had the misfortune of knowing someone who had a schizophrenic break, the comparison there is not outrageous. A schizophrenic who is ranting about how the government put a computer chip in his brain believes what he is saying, and he will not be swayed by facts to the contrary. This Coronavirus delusional hysteria can be classified the same way.

The causes of the mass hysteria are very different than those of schizophrenia, however. Mass hysteria is spread by people confirming the same delusion to one another, and the weight of so many people all saying the same thing at the same time outweighs the facts as you can confirm them with your eyes.

Hysteria on this scale was probably inevitable, given the level of media saturation in Western society, along with the level of stress and the surreal nature of living in a technological society with mass video and audio communication and entertainment causing emotional, informational and psychological overload.

The same media that is causing all of that stress is playing the role of chief delusion confirmer in this Coronavirus hoax. When people see this same imagery attached to these same claims everywhere they look in the media, when they’re getting nonstop phone alerts about a viral disease that is going to wipe them out, they naturally enter the first stages of panic. Then they find that all their friends and family are inundated with the same imagery and thus coming to the same level of panic, they bounce the hysteria off of one another and intensify it with each confirmation, and the delusion simply spirals out of control. Furthermore, many people are isolated from other people these days, and if you are sitting at home watching TV and reading the internet, you are just a sponge to absorb whatever you are being fed. Then the quarantine itself, creating all of this emotional and psychological pressure, has intensified it further.

There have been several other mass delusional hysterias over the last few years:

  • Tranny acceptance under the idea that “gender is fluid”
  • The theory that Donald Trump is a Russian agent, as well as the inexplicable nonsense about Russian hackers
  • The claim that the world will end in 12 years because of hot weather

Though objectively insane, those are all a part of partisan politics. If we go back further, we had several mass hysterias after 911, including the hysterical delusion that Saddam Hussein personally ordered the attack, something that two years after the event, was believed by 70% of Americans.

Reality has been collapsing in on itself for a long time. It’s been a process where people have accepted progressively more insane delusions. The development of the internet has rapidly accelerated it.

All of the hysterias served as preparation for this biggest hysteria in all of history. They greased the skids by getting large portions of the population to believe in total nonsense.

The society was bound to collapse due to the level of emotional, psychological and spiritual stress that people are suffering under as they try to maintenance the cognitive dissonance that results from living in a false reality. The fear of disease was the big one. Fear of infectious disease is hardwired into our biology.

Hopefully this helps you to understand what is going on, and I hope you will go easy on the people in your life who are experiencing this psychosis. The state these people are in is not permanent and it isn’t their fault. It’s a mechanism in human psychology that is malfunctioning. You are not going to do yourself or them any favors by pressing the issue too hard. At this point, no one can change anything anyway, as we are long past the point of no return.

It is darkly funny that they will wake up from the delusion to find a new world that is much worse than any fantasy they could have cooked up.