Coronavirus Overtakes Death Toll of SARS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2020

Basically, you’re already dead, and the only thing you have to do now is get the virus.

Or maybe it only affects Asians, and we’ll all be perfectly fine? We don’t know because the governments of every white country (except Russia) refuse to tell us the races of those infected.


The number of Wuhan coronavirus deaths in mainland China has overtaken the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic in the country, as Beijing injected billions of dollars into an economy hit by weeks of effective shutdowns to major cities.

More than 360 people have died of the disease in China, the country’s health authorities said Monday. The total number of cases in mainland China stood at 17,205 as of Sunday evening, an increase of over 2,800 on the previous day, or almost 20%.

The 2003 outbreak of SARS — another coronavirus strand — infected 5,327 people in mainland China, with 349 deaths.

The first death from the virus outside China was confirmed over the weekend. Philippine health officials said that a 44-year-old Chinese man died Saturday after flying into the country from Wuhan.

So far, more than 175 cases have been reported outside of China — the majority of them with a direct link to the country — across more than 25 countries and territories worldwide. Many countries have begun closing their borders to visitors from China, with major airlines canceling flights to and from the country.

Germany confirmed its 10th case on Sunday, and there were also new cases reported in South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macao and Hong Kong. The United States, Australia and New Zealand have all announced that they will not allow foreign nationals who have traveled from or transited through China to enter. Nationals from those countries will face mandatory quarantine on arrival.

The “experts” are now finally admitting that this is a pandemic.

New York Times:

The Wuhan coronavirus spreading from China is now likely to become a pandemic that circles the globe, according to many of the world’s leading infectious disease experts.

The prospect is daunting. A pandemic — an ongoing epidemic on two or more continents — may well have global consequences, despite the extraordinary travel restrictions and quarantines now imposed by China and other countries, including the United States.

Scientists do not yet know how lethal the new coronavirus is, however, so there is uncertainty about how much damage a pandemic might cause. But there is growing consensus that the pathogen is readily transmitted between humans.

The Wuhan coronavirus is spreading more like influenza, which is highly transmissible, than like its slow-moving viral cousins, SARS and MERS, scientists have found.

“It’s very, very transmissible, and it almost certainly is going to be a pandemic,” said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

“But will it be catastrophic? I don’t know.”


The thing is: even if this is a CIA virus designed to kill Chinese people as part of “the great game,” it could easily mutate and start killing white people at any time. The CIA is not a particularly responsible organization, and following the failure of the Hong Kong hoax, they were panicking.

So I would say there is probably about an 85% chance you’re going to die.

There should be something liberating in knowing that you will soon be dead and there is nothing you can do about it.

Maybe you can finally relax a little bit.