Coronavirus: Japan Initiates “Resident Evil: Revelations” Protocol on Cruise Ship

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

Cruise ships and horrible viruses make for a great, solid base for a plot.

Throw quarantine into the mix and you’ve got yourself a formula with which you can’t really go wrong.


Large white sheets covering them head-to-knee, people infected with a new virus were led by gloved and masked officials Wednesday off a Japanese cruise ship, while the rest of the 3,700 people on board faced a two-week quarantine in their cabins. In Hong Kong, more than 3,600 people on another cruise ship were to be screened after it was banned by Taiwan amid growing worry about the spread of an outbreak.

The ships are caught up in a global health emergency that seems to worsen by the day. The little-understood coronavirus has killed nearly 500 people, mostly in mainland China, but it has also spread panic and anger around the world as the cases grow.

This is basically what is happening there right now.

In the port city of Yokohama, just outside Tokyo, health workers, some in protective white jumpsuits, transferred 10 patients from the Diamond Princess cruise ship to a Japanese coast guard boat next to it. The 10, covered in sheets to protect their identities from cameras, were taken to a dock and put on ambulances bound for hospitals for treatment in isolation.

Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said all of the people on board will be quarantined on the ship for up to 14 days under Japanese law. The ship had 2,666 passengers and 1,045 crew members. Tests were pending on 273 people who had symptoms or had contact with a man who was diagnosed with the virus after leaving the ship in Hong Kong.

Paul and Jacqui Fidrmuc from the Australian city of Cairns told Australia’s Nine Network that they are grateful they have a balcony in the cabin where they’re confined.

“We’re here for a long haul. I think it is going to get a little bit testing, obviously. But I don’t know. What do we do? We couldn’t jump out of the boat; that’s a bit cold,” Jacqui Fidrmuc said.

David Abel, another Australian, told the network he hadn’t eaten since the previous night. “I’m a diabetic and I’m insulin dependent. If I do not receive food soon, I will be in a diabetic coma, but it’ll be too bloody late.”

It’s already too bloody late for you, buddy.

The virus has already taken over.

The infections on the cruise ship raised Japan’s total to 34 cases. South Korea and Thailand reported recent cases among people who had not been to China, raising concerns about how easily the virus might be spreading in other places.

Dr. David Heymann, who led the World Health Organization’s response to the SARS outbreak, said it’s too early to tell when the new coronavirus will peak, but that it appears to still be on the increase.

Everyone’s going to die, roughly speaking.

If this virus was deployed against the Chinese people and doesn’t currently infect non-Asians, the Chinese will eventually figure out both the fact that they were attacked and that they can make a similar weapon of their own to take revenge and target whites.

Could coronavirus, for some reason, be actually intended to bait the Chinese into developing and deploying an anti-white virus?

It would certainly be easier to develop a virus that only targets whites in a place like China than it would be to try that in the land of white people, just as it would be easier to develop a virus that only targets Asians outside of Asia.

In other words, it would be easier to get white people on board with developing an anti-Asian virus than it would be to get whites to develop an anti-white virus.

Deploying such a virus once would mean that whoever’s targeted will be highly incentivized to develop a counterpart that targets their enemies.

Pay for one, get the other one for free.