Coronavirus is Making Access to Abortions and Birth Control More Difficult

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2020

Corona doesn’t want women to kill their unborn children and actually encourages people to reproduce.

Couple that with the fact that she’s mostly killing old and sick people, and it becomes pretty clear that Corona is here to help future generations.

VICE News:

When Donald Trump used “two very big words” to declare a national emergency over the novel coronavirus on Friday, he bragged about giving his top health official the “ability to waive laws to enable telehealth” during the pandemic. But it appears that the president’s latitude will not apply to medication abortion care, a federal agency confirmed to VICE.

People who want to end their pregnancies will have to navigate the same restrictions as always, which will become all the more complicated in a pandemic environment.

While telemedicine abortion specifically enables providers to prescribe abortion pills from a distance, longstanding federal regulations require that clinics dispense mifepristone, one of the two drugs commonly used together in medication abortions, in person—meaning the drugs can’t be picked up at a pharmacy or sent in the mail. An abortion patient can choose to take their medication at home, but they can’t get it without leaving their home. These federal rules prevent people from staying home and flattening the pandemic curve, an action that saves lives.

Reproductive health researchers who spoke with VICE urged states and the federal government to lift the restrictions on medication abortion as COVID-19 spreads across the U.S. They expressed concern about the literal lengths that pregnant people often travel to to obtain abortions, thanks to the GOP’s draconian state laws and Trump’s federal regulations that have led to clinic closure after clinic closure. The farther abortion patients have to travel, the higher their risk of coming into close contact with people who have the virus or even spreading the virus themselves.

With Corona around, “people” won’t be killing their unborn kids anytime soon.

They also won’t be having much sterile sex either.

VICE News:

For the last three years, Mikayla Lloyd has gotten her birth control pills from the student health center on campus at Florida State University. Whenever she needed to pick up a refill, she would stop by the health center on a day she had classes, since, to save money, she lives at home with her family in a small, rural town just outside of Tallahassee. That was her plan when, a few days before spring break, her prescription ran out. But that plan changed when her university notified students that they would be finishing the rest of the school year remotely because of the coronavirus.

Because states and insurance companies have different policies on how many months of birth control patients can be prescribed at once, people can’t “stock up” on it the way they might other medications, particularly since birth control isn’t sold over-the-counter—a longtime demand from reproductive health advocates and experts.

Women hate to be reminded that they’re baby-making machines.

But that’s what they are.

If they weren’t baby-making machines, they wouldn’t need any form of birth control in order to stop the production of babies from taking place.