Coronavirus: Iceland Tests 10% of Its Population, Half of Infected Have No Symptoms

Coronavirus is supposed to be a very dangerous disease, which is why most countries decided to sacrifice their economies in order to save their people.

But it turns out that it isn’t really a dangerous disease.

All of the countries promoting a hysteria in response to the virus have calculated the fatality rate based on how many who got sick and went to the hospital ended up dying, and came up with insane numbers. This is in opposition to the way the flu fatality rate is calculated, where they do an estimate of how many people were infected and never sought treatment.

Iceland is now creating a problem for those hellbent on promoting hysteria. The country has tested 10% of its population at random, and found that half of the people infected with the virus don’t show any symptoms at all.

Taking in consideration these asymptomatic cases, the fatality rate is the opposite of scary.

There is literally no reason why lockdowns should continue. In fact, they never should have started in the first place, as all of this hysteria was based on manipulated or outright fake data.

Daily Mail:

Iceland has tested one-tenth of its population for coronavirus at random and found that half of people have the disease without realising.

They also discovered that 1,600 people have been infected with Covid-19 since the start of the outbreak. Of these cases, there were only seven deaths, indicating a fatality rate of just 0.004 per cent, which is significantly lower than other countries, including the UK.

The findings were made during Iceland’s rigorous testing campaign, conducted with the help of Reykjavik-based biopharmaceutical company deCODE genetics, which has seen 10 per cent of the 364,413 population swabbed, something yet to be achieved by any other nation.

An estimated 50 per cent of those infected with the virus, the company found, do not show any symptoms.

As of yesterday, the UK had tested 316,836 people of its 66.4 million population, with 73,758 confirmed infections. This translates to 0.48 per cent of the population swabbed.

Of those infected, 8,958 have died, a case fatality rate of around 0.12 per cent, notably higher than Iceland’s.

The testing process has given the Nordic island a unique insight into the behaviour of the virus and is allowing them to resist a large-scale lockdown like those seen across the continent.

By taking this route, Reykjavik has become the country with the highest proportion of coronavirus cases in the world simply due to their extensive screenings.

Meanwhile, other nations remain in the dark as to their true rates of infection.

Their approach to ‘flattening the curve’ has also revealed that cases are stable or on the wane, the company said.

Unlike many countries in Europe such as Spain, Italy and Britain, who are facing strict isolation to prevent the spread of the disease, Iceland has not shuttered businesses and shops.

They have banned large gatherings of more than 20 people but, according to reports, their social-distancing recommendations are largely being followed.

A combination of factors are thought to be giving Iceland the upper hand in battling Covid-19, including their remoteness, the public’s respect for scientific expertise, and its emergency response capabilities.

It’s not the public’s respect for scientific expertise, as most Western countries went full mass hysteria and nuked their economies under the very guidance of scientific experts.

Despite appearing to have all the answers, experts have argued of limitations to the country’s research.

Though they know 50 per cent of the population will carry the virus at any one time, they are as yet unaware if those infected will go on to display symptoms.

According to a report by three infectious disease specialists at Oxford University, Carl Heneghan, Jon Brassey, and Tom Jefferson, ‘there is not a single reliable study to determine the number of asymptotics.’

The report said: ‘It is likely we will only learn the true extent once population based antibody testing is undertaken.’

Right. People will carry the virus for weeks or months without showing any symptoms and then suddenly die of this ridiculously dangerous disease that’s killing millions worldwide.

Have you seen all of the corpses piled up on the streets?

It’s scary how deadly this coronavirus is.

You should stay home forever.

Better safe than sorry.