UK: NHS Nurse Says Many with Treatable Cancers Will Die, Gov’t Estimates 200,000 Lockdown Health Deaths

Hospital staff were very busy.

The lockdown was introduced as a measure intended to prevent too many people from getting the virus at once, so that hospitals would not be overwhelmed and everyone would get treatment. That was called “flattening the curve.”

However, hospitals were never overwhelmed or even burdened, and nurses spent most of their time dancing and uploading the videos to TikTok, so the narrative shifted to “we need to keep people from ever getting into contact with the virus.”

The Telegraph:

People with treatable cancers are going to die because hospitals have been laid empty due to Government scaremongering, an NHS nurse has warned.

An NHS nurse called Holly* has said that throughout the lockdown period “hospitals were empty” beyond the ICU units and Covid wards and that people have died as a result.

Speaking to Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson on the Planet Normal podcast […] the experienced district nurse, said: “We’ve been saying for months now that services just aren’t running at anywhere near normal capacity and we’re building up more problems than Covid has caused by a mile.

“We have a lot of deaths in my area but we’re going to have an awful lot more from cancers that are going undiagnosed and strokes that haven’t been treated.

“It cuts both ways. We have hospitals that didn’t want to have patients come in and we have patients who don’t want to come in to hospital because of I think what’s been an awful lot of scaremongering from the Government, unfortunately.

Holly* added that there was “no reason” why routine treatments including cancer screenings could not have been done throughout lockdown.

There was a reason.

Just because they weren’t seeing patients doesn’t mean they weren’t busy!

“We have PPE now, at the beginning there was a bit of a scramble for it but by mid-April I would say most Trusts had enough PPE to have continued to have least to run beyond the skeleton Covid system.

“I think there was a middle ground to be struck between keeping the hospitals safe and when it became apparent that we weren’t going to get this overwhelming first wave I think we should have started up services sooner and they still not being started,” she said.

She went on to criticise GPs who had been doing telephone and video consultations exclusively who she said were a “massive piece missing”.

Urging people to engage with services, Holly* added that those who will die as a result of measures put in place to protect the NHS will include “young healthy people who had treatable cancers and treatable issues”.

On Monday, the Telegraph revealed that an official government report shows that more than 200,000 people could die from the impact of lockdown and protecting the NHS.

200,000 is four times more than the current official death toll of coronavirus in the UK – just in case anyone is counting. If you add the people who are going to die from the economic fallout, you’re talking about at least ten times the deaths from the cure. A lot of these deaths will be young people, instead of the very old that are dying from coronavirus. So there are many more years of life lost than just the number of deaths.

Here is the podcast where the nurse made these statements.

The goal was never to keep people safe, or to keep too many people from getting infected at the same time. Those were just excuses used to introduce the lockdown in a way that would make sense at first glance.

Empty hospitals sound like a pretty flattened curve.

So why are we not back to normal life yet?