Coronavirus Hoax Still Going Strong in Brazil

Every time I see people in these quarantine outfits, the Ghostbusters theme song starts playing in my head.

Brazil is a constant race riot, so they’re not concerned about this latest global race hoax.

They’re still doing the other hoax that was dominating the world before this latest hoax took hold.


Brazil had a record day of Covid-19 deaths as the virus shows no signs of easing in Latin America’s largest economy.

The country reported 1,262 new deaths on Tuesday, bringing the number of fatalities to 31,199. There were also 28,936 new reported cases, pushing the country’s total to 555,383, behind only the U.S.

The nation of 210 million people has become an epicenter of the virus in the last few weeks. Brazil’s peak has not yet arrived, and “at the moment it is not possible to predict when it will arrive,” Michael Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization’s Emergencies Program, said Monday.

The government of President Jair Bolsonaro has resisted social distancing efforts throughout the pandemic, with Bolsonaro often mingling with supporters and pushing for people to get back to work to ease the economic fallout of the crisis. Contradicting orders from municipal, state and federal leaders have sabotaged the country’s ability to fight the virus, which has now migrated from wealthier regions to more vulnerable regions — such as the poor Northeast, favelas, and indigenous territories in the Amazon — where public health systems are precarious to begin with.

Brazil is a total mess and a third world shithole, so the WHO is totally in control of all of these death tallies. They announced two days ago that Brazil is “far from the peak” of the virus. They’re doing what the Africans used to do with AIDS – when anyone dies of anything, it’s the magic voodoo virus. To be fair, we were doing that in America as well. Most of the world was doing it, other than countries not allied with the United States.

This hoax is not going away. It is still going to be here when the black riot hoax goes away. And when fall comes, people will be getting the virus, and they will lock us all down hardcore.

They’ve already made clear that they’re going to do this.

Just type “coronavirus second wave” into Google. There are six million articles about it.

They’re saying it’s going to be double deadly, they’re saying we’re going to have to have an even bigger lockdown.

This isn’t some prophecy I’m making – it’s what the entire media is saying, and as we saw with the first coronavirus hoax, the media gets to decide. The government just does whatever the media tells it to do.