Coronavirus Hits All 50 States

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2020

Corona is now actively enriching all 50 states.

Daily Mail:

Coronavirus has reached all 50 US states now that West Virginia has reported its first case of the infections that’s killed 100 Americans.

The virus has spread to nearly 6,000 people across the US, triggering the Trump administration to advice all Americans to stay home as much as possible and avoid social contact.

So far, West Virginia has just one coronavirus case, but its long run without any reported infections is likely a reflection of a lack of testing in the relatively poor state, which has a notoriously weak health system.

West Virginia’s first case comes just hours after President Trump praised the state for dodging the virus and announced that all states are now permitted to develop, approve and use their own tests within their respective borders.

‘We’re not going to need them in West Virginia, where so far, I guess they have none,’ the president said.

It became clear that that is not the case on Tuesday evening, when West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced the state’s first case.

‘We’re all in this boat together, we all have to do this, the pathway to the prevention of this disease spreading,’ said Justice in a press conference.

‘None of us have ever gone through a pandemic.

Our power to combat this disease is being apart from one another.’

What? No.

It’s the opposite.

Our power is our diversity, because diversity is our strength.

Never forget.

If we don’t embrace the diversity that resulted in this virus spreading to the whole world, worse things will spread to the whole world — things like nationalism, xenophobia, bigotry, masculinity, common sense, and others.

We cannot allow that.

We have to embrace this coronavirus and celebrate it for what it is: another treasure — no, a gift — coming from the enriching hand of diversity.