Coronavirus Global 300,000 Infections, 13,000 Deaths – Is This Really a Lot? (No, It Isn’t)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2020

Basically, there is a maximum of six weeks left wherein this virus is going to be able to spread with any efficiency, as after it starts to warm up in mid-May, the lipid wall of the virus will start to melt in the environment.

So how is 300,000 infections and 13,000 deaths a big deal?

This is all just a boomer hoax, because these people are afraid of the flu.

New York Post:

Coronavirus cases rocketed to more than 300,000 Saturday, with deaths rising to nearly 13,000 as leaders around the world urged their citizens to stay home to slow the spread of the pandemic.

The spike comes the same day that Italy’s death toll surged by 793 in a single 24-hour period, two days after the country had surpassed China in coronavirus deaths.

This wasn’t even good for the boomers who hoaxed it.

All it did was crash the economy, now they’re all whining about it.

I’m whining about it too, because this is not fair.

We should have closed the border with China, then done nothing.

This is all a gigantic HOAX.

I do not care that 13,000 people died, almost all of them in foreign countries, and all of them on the cusp of death already anyway.

I want my time and money back, I want back my bitcoin value, I want back the last weeks I’ve spent writing about this stupid hoax virus when I could have been writing about Star Trek: Picard or something else that interests me.

You are literally more likely to get attacked by an alligator than you are to die from Coronavirus.

I hope the boomers who hoaxed this do get attacked by alligators.