Coronavirus Death Toll is Just Now Hitting 11,000

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2020

11,000 is nothing. During the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler would kill 11,000 every second.

Gulf Today:

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide kicked off the weekend under a coronavirus lockdown, as the global death toll accelerated sharply and the World Health Organization warned the young they were “not invincible”.

The virus death toll surged past 11,000 worldwide, with 4,000 alone in worst-hit Italy where the daily number of fatalities has shot up relentlessly over the past week.

I am now firmly on the side that this is a load of fake hype.

I can’t find the global numbers, but 23,000 people in the US alone have died from the normal flu.

Gray News:

Flu-like activity is up in the United States this week, but its severity is moderate to low overall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.

The CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 23,000 deaths from flu, 38 million flu illnesses and 390,000 hospitalizations.

Coronavirus might have been scary to begin with, but it shouldn’t be anymore.

At least not until it reemerges next fall it shouldn’t be.

This level of hype around the virus is a complete hoax, mainly seeming to be targeted at Donald Trump.

We have another real plague in this country that needs to be dealt with.

Just look at that white man yelling at those blacks calling them “pieces of shit” just because their skin is the color of shit.

We need to shut up about Coronavirus and deal with the plague that is white people.

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