Coronavirus Cases Go Up But Hospitals Remain Empty and Fewer Die, Says Intensive Care Doctor

Do you remember back in March, when they presented the lockdown as a strategy to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed with too many coronavirus patients at once? They said it was only going to be a few weeks, and that it would “flatten the curve” of cases, spreading out infections over time so that everyone who would need treatment could get treatment.

The hospitals were never overwhelmed, and now, about half a year later, the hospitals are still empty!

Daily Mail:

Hospitals are empty despite coronavirus cases having gone up over the past month – and it could be because the most vulnerable to the disease have already died, an intensive care specialist claimed today.

Dr Ron Daniels, a consultant in the West Midlands, said there are barely any Covid-19 patients being admitted despite government infections showing cases had risen throughout July.

More than 1,000 Britons are testing positive for the life-threatening disease each day, on average, data shows – but the figures appears to have started dropping. There are fewer than 100 daily hospital admissions for the virus.

For comparison, up to 5,000 people were diagnosed daily during the darkest days of the crisis in April, and as many as 2,500 of these patients needed hospital care.

However, hospital admission figures at the height of the crisis need to be treated with caution because they were inflated due to a counting error, it emerged last night.

Dr Daniels believes the recent spike in infections is due to young people catching the coronavirus more, who are unlikely to get severely ill and need hospital care.

And older and vulnerable populations may have already had the disease and died, or are being more cautious in fear of catching Covid-19.

Other scientists have theorised the coronavirus has mutated to become less deadly, but this is ‘slightly optimistic’ in Dr Daniels’ eyes.

It comes as official data today suggested England’s coronavirus crisis could be in retreat for good as weekly infections have plummeted by a third in a week. The Office for National Statistics estimates 2,400 people are contracting the disease every day, down 37 per cent from the 3,800 the previous week.

Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Dr Daniels said: ‘I think there are considerations around the positivity rates, but we’re not looking at the case fatality rates and we’re not looking at hospital admissions.

‘We’ve seen cases go up since the beginning of July, and still our hospitals are relatively empty of patients with this condition.

We’re seeing very few patients admitted to hospital, let alone requiring intensive care.

‘So, I was on duty over the weekend at one of the West Midlands hospitals and we didn’t receive a single referral for a patient from the wards or emergency departments strongly suspected to have Covid-19. We’re simply not seeing it.’

Some 3,500 people were admitted to hospital on the worst day of the crisis – April 1, data from Public Health England shows.

At that time, around 3,700 people were also testing positive for Covid-19 per day, which does not include the thousands others who were unable to get a test, or who did not show symptoms.

Now, around 1,051 Britons are testing positive for the life-threatening disease each day, on average. It had consistently risen from the start of July and doubled by August 15, when the figure reached a six-week high of 1,097.

But neither hospital admissions or deaths — two other ways health bosses track the disease — ever spiked in line with cases.

The whole coronavirus “pandemic” was an orchestrated hoax to take away everyone’s rights.

The government and the mainstream media have run out of corpses to blame on the virus and are having a hard time trying to sustain the hoax.

Hospitals are empty.

They were never overwhelmed. At the suppose “peak” of the pandemic, doctors and nurses spent their workdays dancing for social media.

It was all a complete and blatant lie.