#CoronaShooter: A Woman Caused Nova Scotia Mass Shooter to Snap, Then Survived

22 good, hearty country folk died in this attack, which was provoked by a nagging slut who would not shut her dumb whore mouth.
At least the dog survived.

Of course it was caused by a woman.

And of course she didn’t face any of the consequences herself.


Canada’s worst mass shooting erupted from an argument between the gunman and his girlfriend, who survived the attack, police have confirmed.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Supt. Darren Campbell said the weekend shooting rampage started with an assault by the suspect on his girlfriend and ended with 22 people dead in communities across central and northern Nova Scotia.

“She did manage to escape. That could well have been the catalyst of events,” Campbell said.

Authorities are also not discounting the suspect planned some of the murders.

Campbell said the girlfriend hid overnight in the woods from the suspect, who has been identified as 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman.

Police have said Wortman acted alone in the shooting spree that killed 22 people in more than 16 crime scenes in several rural communities

Campbell said they found 13 deceased victims in the rural community of Portapique, a quiet community of 100 residents where the suspect lived part time. He said when police arrived, they discovered a man shot. The man reported he was driving when someone in what looked like a police car shot him. He survived and was transported to hospital.

They were several homes on fire, including the suspect’s, when police arrived in the community. Campbell said the suspect had a pistol that was acquired in Canada and several long barreled guns that were obtained in the United States. Police found “several people who were deceased, some of which were lying in the roadway.”

Authorities initially thought the suspect might have committed suicide and was in one of the homes that was on fire, he said.

Campbell said at about 6:30 a.m., Wortman’s girlfriend emerged from hiding in the woods, called 911 and gave police detailed information about the suspect including that he was driving a mock police car and was in police uniform.

Police later started receiving 911 calls more than 35 miles away. Campbell said the suspect killed two men and a woman and set their house on fire. He knew at least two of them.

He then approached another residence in that area where he knew people, and knocked on the door. But the people inside did not answer and he left. The occupants called 911 and confirmed the suspect was armed and was driving what looked like a police car.

He then shot a woman on the street and pulled cars over and shot and killed people, Campbell said.

Yes, he was actually pulling people over in his fake police car and then killing them.

This was probably the most extreme killing rampage ever.

Amazingly, there is zero evidence that it was planned, or that he’d ever talked about doing anything like this, or even showed any signs that he was unstable. As I covered in my last article on this event, social media was flooded with people who knew him saying how shocked they were because he was such a normal, nice guy.

It’s always shocking to me to see the way normies write on the internets

This is a case of someone literally just snapping, and the government needs to be held responsible for creating the conditions for making this man snap with their idiotic flu hoax.

Furthermore, the woman should be charged with these deaths for pushing the man over the edge. It is her fault this happened as much as it was the government’s fault.

Things like this are going to keep happening. God invented work so that a man would be able to stay away from women most of the day. With work shut down, men have become prisoners to these women. 24/7, they are forced to look at their dumb faces, sentenced to permanent torture by nagging and complaining. Because if a woman doesn’t have something to do, her immediate go-to behavior is to attack, demean and abuse any man in her vicinity.

All women are by nature abusive, because they are unable to ever be satisfied, and thus they target men, letting out their anger on the people who provide them with everything they have for not providing them with more.

The biggest threat to your health is not a flu virus that has a 1/1,000,000 chance of killing you if you’re under 65. The biggest threat to your health is that stupid bitch that lives with you who will not shut her disease-ridden cock-holster for even one second, and is likely to destroy your psyche and send you on a murderous rampage.

Few men will be able to handle this much longer.

This is what a society that literally says “it’s morally wrong to beat women” has wrought.

Women deserve to be beaten, they deserve to be raped, and if you don’t do it then this is what you get.