Coronaphobia in the UK: 70% of People Want to be Able to Refuse Going Out of Lockdown

Afraid, afraid, afraid.

People in the United Kingdom are so very afraid of the flu that they want to be able to refuse going back to work if the government lifts the lockdown.

They also want to be able to keep their kids off school.

Because they’re afraid.

The media-promoted coronavirus hysteria is infecting more people than the virus itself.

Everyone is afraid of a virus that is as dangerous as the flu.

We can fight against this by sharing actual data.

Daily Mail:

Coronaphobia could end up thwarting Boris Johnson’s efforts to ease lockdown – as a poll today suggested the public fears the virus far more than immediate economic meltdown.

Exclusive research for MailOnline shows 62 per cent are more worried about the effects of the draconian curbs ending too early, while 38 per cent say their main concern is the havoc they are wreaking on the economy now.

Around seven in 10 believe bus and train drivers, teachers, and medical staff should have the right to refuse to go back to work, even if the government says it is safe.

Some 60 per cent say the state should keep covering a proportion of people’s wages even if in theory they should be able to resume their jobs.

Nearly half say they could even support strike action if people are ordered to get back to work.

Two third also reject the idea that parents who refuse to send their children to school over coronavirus fears should face truancy fines.

The extraordinary findings, in new polling by Redfield and Wilton Strategies, comes as Boris Johnson prepares to take the first steps towards loosening the restrictions.

The shape of the ‘new reality’ Britons face is starting to emerge, with the ‘stay at home’ mantra expected to be ditched, curbs on outdoor activities eased and businesses encouraged to find ways to get back up and running amid social distancing rules.

But Mr Johnson is due to announce an ‘exit strategy’ on Sunday laying out immediate ‘easements’ to the misery of combating the deadly disease.

They first bombard people with news portraying coronavirus as some kind of extinction-level event that could end human life, and then they poll public opinion and tell you “See? People agree with the lockdown!”

It is absolute, blatant insanity.

Editor’s Note: 

We should probably be asking if these polls are even real.

How many people do you know who are still in a state of fear over this virus? Is it 62% of people you know? I don’t know a single person, and on the internet, I only see fringe weirdos still afraid.

I’m sure a good portion of people are still afraid – women and colored people – but I think it’s more likely it’s 38 percent mentally ill cowards and 62 percent people who’ve figured out it’s a hoax. It’s not really fair anyway, given that people have been brainwashed by the media into a state of panic, and behaviorist brainwashing techniques have been used on them in the form of systematic isolation.

But I don’t think it’s worked on 62% of people.

People want to work.

People want to touch other people, and talk to them.

People want to go outside.

Even if it is only 38% in Britain who have figured it out, that’s 100% of white heterosexual males.