Coronamerica: Six Dead, Everyone Else to Die Very Soon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2020

Me right now.

There is now a 100% certainty that you are going to die of this disease.

I wish I could say that I feel bad for you, but I really just don’t care.


Six people have died in Washington state as the United States grapples with more than 100 cases of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Four of the people who died were residents at the Life Care Center nursing care facility in Kirkland, in suburban Seattle, King County health officer Jeffrey Duchin said Monday. Four other coronavirus cases are also linked to the Life Care Center.

So far, every death from novel coronavirus in the United States has been in Washington state.

A recent surge of cases nationwide has prompted new travel restrictions, school closures and emergency declarations.

But now is not the time to panic, US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said.

“I want folks to understand that we knew this was coming, we told folks that this was going to happen and it is why we’ve been preaching preparedness from the very start,” Adams said Monday.

“Caution is appropriate. Preparedness is appropriate. Panic is not.”

Yeah, I’m sure Jerome Adams knows what he’s talking about.

Mike Pence had him flown in directly from Wakanda to battle this virus.

He’s settling in and doing pretty well for himself.

Although his bow tie indicates that he’s a member of the Nation of Islam, and I’m not sure how Elijah Muhammad would feel about his choice of bride.

But you’ve got him saying not to panic.

You’ve got Wakandan genius and Doctor WHO head, Tedros Adhanom, saying not to panic.

These are the greatest scientific minds on planet earth.

And they will let you know when it is time to panic.

They’ll be like “muffocka get yo faggot white ass out this bitch, da muffocka be wilin, dem niggas eys da bugga snugga bix nood!”

For some reason, we’ve now got an outbreak in Georgia (the US state, not the country – the country had enough sense to quarantine long before the US did).

The Hill:

Two people have tested positive in Georgia for a novel form of coronavirus behind a global outbreak, the state’s Department of Health said Monday.

At a press conference reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and state officials said that two state residents tested positive for the virus after returning from a trip to Italy, which is experiencing a significant outbreak.

“I want to reassure you that they’re at home, in home isolation with other household members, with minimal symptoms so they’re not hospitalized,” said Dr. Kathleen Toomey, head of the Department of Health.

“Georgians should remain calm,” Kemp added, according to the newspaper. “We were ready for today.”

We are reaching the point where this is going to be in every state. In fact, it obviously already is in every state, they just don’t know it yet, because the testing is not being taken seriously at all.

This map is from 12 hours ago, before the two cases in Georgia were confirmed:

Here’s the current world map, from this morning:

Trump is saying that he has new tests for the virus, which will cause a spike in the number of confirmed cases (assuming the tests work, which they probably will not, because all of the people Trump has put in charge of this situation are black, Arabian, Mexican or Mike Pence).

New York Times:

The Trump administration said on Monday that nearly a million tests could be administered for the coronavirus in the United States by the end of this week, a significant escalation of screening as the American death toll reached six and U.S. infections topped 100.

Private companies and academic laboratories have been pulled in to develop and validate their own coronavirus tests, a move to get around a government bottleneck after a halting start, and to widen the range and number of Americans screened for the virus, Dr. Stephen Hahn, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, said Monday at a White House briefing.

This is the current viral research being promoted in /cvg/ threads:

We should be reminded that the overwhelming majority of deaths are old people.

The “Pope” says he doesn’t have Coronavirus, but I don’t expect that he would admit to having it if he did have it, would he?

New York Post:

The Pope, who has been suffering from a cold, was tested for the coronavirus and the results came back negative, a report said Tuesday.

Pope Francis submitted to the swab test as a precaution after coming down with an illness days after he expressed support for patients suffering from the deadly virus, according to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

The 83-year-old pontiff could be seen coughing on Sunday as he addressed thousands for his weekly blessing from St. Peter’s Square.

During the event, he announced that he won’t be attending a Lenten spiritual retreat in the Roman countryside.

He asked for prayers for the retreat, adding that “unfortunately a cold prevents me from participating this year. I will be following the meditation from here.”

The Vatican had not previously specified what was ailing Francis, though the announcement comes as the coronavirus sweeps Italy.

I really do hope he dies. What an evil person.

While the media is saying that the Russians are the ones promoting the idea this virus is a problem, they are also saying that 70% of the world is going to be infected.

The Hill:

A Harvard University epidemiologist says that as much as 70 percent of the world’s population could get the coronavirus.

Marc Lipsitch told CBS News in an interview airing Monday that “40 to 70 percent” of the global population could become infected with coronavirus and that it’s “almost inevitable” that the virus will impact the “entire globe.” He added that 1 percent of those who develop symptoms could die.

“That is a projection, so we will find out if it’s accurate as things go on,” Lipsitch said. “It is the best estimate that I’ve been able to make based on a combination of the mathematical models that we use to track and predict epidemics.”

Lipsitch pointed out that some people who are infected show no or almost no symptoms, but it’s unclear how many cases like that exist.

“I think there’s real reason for people to be concerned,” he said. “I also think that we can turn that concern into actions that will make the situation better.”

The interesting thing is that if this really turns into that extreme of a situation, Donald Trump will lose the election.

Although actually, if we’re under martial law and everyone is locked in their homes, I don’t even know how we would have an election.

In other news, the New York Times is admitting that if this doesn’t get under control soon, the world is going to plunge into a recession, and the cause will be globalism and the fact that the people that run the New York Times decided to move all of the world’s industry to China.

They do not apologize.

But yeah, I think it is definitely time to stock up on canned goods, cigarettes, antibiotics and ammunition. Make sure you’ve also got a water filter. If you have relatives who live outside of a city, I would keep your supplies there, and be ready to hit the road and get there before they use the National Guard to close down the highways in and out of cities.

We still probably only have a 5-10% chance that this is going to go nuts. But again: even if we get the same level of outbreak as China, it is going to be six million times worse because we have black people who will riot and we have human rights democracy, which means we’re not going to start serious military quarantines until after it’s way too late.

The really important thing for me in all of this is that even though you are all going to die, I’m going to be fine.

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