Corona Will Wipe Out Poor Blacks? We Should be So Lucky.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2020

The media is trying to get people to cheer on this virus by saying it will wipe out fat people and poor black people.

But I just don’t have faith.


The coronoavirus pandemic is burrowing into America’s battered industrial heartland and the South, bursting out in places like Detroit and New Orleans that have legions of low-income residents with underlying medical conditions and few resources.

Michigan is fast becoming the next U.S. hotspot for the virus, registering new cases at more than triple the national rate; it was declared a federal disaster area late Friday night. The state had 3,657 Covid-19 cases as of March 27 — versus zero just over two weeks ago – ranking fifth in the nation. Of that, impoverished Detroit and surrounding Wayne County made up half. At least 92 people have died.

“I’m not astonished that we are seeing such an explosive curve,” said Teena Chopra, a doctor who is an infectious disease specialist at Detroit Medical Center and a professor at Wayne State University. “What is happening in the rest of the world we are seeing in Detroit. And we should be more worried than anybody else, because our population is very vulnerable.”

There are only black people in Detroit, so they have to bring in pajeet doctors.

I’m so tired.