Corona Hoax Officially Collapsed: Over the Weekend, NYC Daily Hospitalizations Dropped from 1,427 to 358

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 7, 2020

As we’ve been telling you for weeks, the Coronavirus “pandemic” hoax would collapse as soon as the numbers failed to materialize. And that materialization has officially failed. Over a hundred thousand people were supposed to die this week, but on Monday at his daily press conference, Saint Plaguekiller, Governor Andrew “Nipples” Cuomo, presented graphs of the number of new hospitalizations.

They have dropped from an April 2 high of 1,427 to 358 on April 5.

This entire stupid, insane hoax is officially dead.

Cuomo’s team also presented a new death count prediction graph, which took the projection from 110,000 dead to 20,000 dead.

Of course, 20,000 aren’t going to die in New York City. 20,000 might die in the entire US, using these number-padding systems they’re using. But even that is unlikely. We’re now well into spring, and everything is just going to go down.

I half thought that they were just going to go on TV and lie and say more people died, but apparently that wasn’t feasible.

It feels good to see that we are now on the cusp of the jig being completely up.

Now we will enter into a stage of all of these people in the media, the government and the medical establishment trying to justify what they’ve done to us, what they’ve done to this country. Of course, there is no justification. Anyone who wanted to could have figured out that this was the flu all the way back in March.

Sweden figured out it was the flu and never shut their country down, and they’ve had fewer deaths than a lot of other European countries.

But they will try to pad the numbers further, try to convince people that this was all necessary. They’re also going to leave us locked up for a few more weeks as they scramble to figure out how to handle the incoming mass homelessness, the 100,000,000 unemployed, the distribution networks for government canned soup.

And of course, they have to figure out a narrative that will keep people from looking at them. As I’ve said, I believe they will blame the Chinese, and immediately start beating the drums of war. They might even go ahead and sink a boat, blame the Chinese, and start mobilizing troops.

It’s basically going to be 911 times a million.

You should never forget the way these people lied to you about this.