Corona, Corona: Italy Shuts Down Entire Country, Prison Riots, Cruise Ship Ban

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2020

I’m dreaming of a world where everyone on earth dies except me and neekolul.

And right now, it’s looking like there is at least a 70% chance my dreams will come true.

Literally everyone is going to DIE.

And that includes YOU.

Italy Locks Down the Entire Country

Why would anyone think this same thing wouldn’t happen in America?


Travel was restricted across Italy from Tuesday and public gatherings were forbidden throughout the country as the government signed off on strict quarantine measures to fight the spread of the new coronavirus.

Marriages and funerals were banned for more than three weeks and bars and restaurants were told to close at 6pm, with the prime minister urging people to “stay at home”.

The unprecedented measures, in place until April 3, were extended from several large areas of the north to Italy’s entire population of more than 60 million in a decree signed Monday night.

Since the COVID-19 disease first emerged in China late last year, Italy has become Europe’s hardest-hit country and has seen a rapid rise in cases to more than 9,000, with 463 deaths so far.

“All forms of gatherings in public places or sites open to the public” were banned, the decree said, while sporting events of all levels and disciplines were cancelled — stopping play in the top-flight Serie A football league.

Under the new rules travel is only allowed for the most urgent work or health reasons, but people will be able to return to their own homes from elsewhere.

Schools and universities were closed, while businesses were urged to give their employees leave.

Bars and restaurants were only allowed to open between 6am and 6pm, the decree said, and only if it was possible to keep a distance of at least a metre between customers.

Religious institutions will also stay open, as long as people can stay the same distance from each other — but ceremonies such as marriages, baptisms and funerals are banned.

Just imagine if it happened in America.

America has blacks.

Six Dead in Italian Prison Riots

Prison riots are going to be a major thing everywhere.

Daily Beast:

As least six inmates have died, and at least 50 others have escaped from an Italian prison in the southern region of Puglia on Monday amid extensive rioting in 27 prisons across the country after visitation rights were curtailed due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus.

Riots broke out Sunday afternoon in half a dozen prisons after the Italian government enacted a draconian decree that has locked down 16 million people and curtailed movement across the entire country to try to contain the spread of COVID-19. By Monday, the riots had spread to nearly 30 detention facilities.

In Modena, now part of the extended outbreak red zone designated by the government, prisoners were able to take two guards hostage Sunday and steal keys before climbing a barrier fence to try to escape. They were eventually pushed back by riot police, but the prison had been so damaged that all inmates had to be moved to temporary facilities.

In a prison in Pavia, inmates lit mattresses on fire, causing a wing of the facility to be evacuated Sunday. Flames coming from the prison could be seen more than a half-mile away.

On Monday, prisoners were seen on top of the San Vittore Prison in Milan, at the heart of the outbreak. There, fires were burning in some areas after all visitation rights were banned after the city was put on lockdown Sunday. During morning recreational time, inmates charged guards and gained access to the roof.

In Rome, where nearly 90 people have tested positive for the disease across the province, prisoners have been prohibited from congregating in open areas for recreation. In the Regina Coeli prison in central Rome, inmates could be heard yelling and banging objects in their cells on Monday. Prisoners in the city’s Rebibbia prison also set that facility on fire on Monday afternoon, after which around 30 prisoners escaped. Helicopters were flying low over the city center, and sirens wailed for most of the afternoon as the inmates were apprehended.


We are basically already at Walking Dead levels, but no one in the media is acting like it.

Seriously: what is anyone going to do about prisons?

In Iran they just opened the doors and let everyone out.

Imagine if we did that in America?

It would be like The Dark Knight Rises.

Shutting Down All Cruise Ships

Anyone who gets on a cruise ship in peace time deserves to die.

Anyone who does it now deserves double-death.


The White House is awaiting a cruise-ship industry proposal on preventing coronavirus before deciding whether to actively discourage Americans from boarding the vessels to prevent the further spread of the disease.

“We are expecting a proposal tomorrow,” Vice President Mike Pence said at a press conference on Monday night, listing policies discussed with the industry, like adding screening, formalizing evacuation protocols and taking other steps to protect elderly Americans who are perceived to be at highest risk in the outbreak. “We made it very clear that we need cruise lines to be safer.”

Earlier on Monday, POLITICO reported that HHS Secretary Alex Azar and other health officials have urged a broader crackdown on Americans’ use of cruise ships, three people with knowledge of the conversations said.

The cruise ships have been a focal point in the outbreak, with more than 700 cases linked to the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was quarantined off the coast of Japan for two weeks, and at least 21 more confirmed aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship that docked in Oakland, Calif., on Monday.

This should be looked at as a way to cull useless eaters.

There is a 100% overlap between cruise ship users and useless eaters.

Pope Confirmed as Accelerationist Shill

Spain’s Right Wing Political Leader Tests Positive

You have to start wondering if this virus isn’t being used as a weapon of assassination.

First China, then Iran, now we’ve got… right-wing Spanish politicians?


Spanish far-right lawmaker Javier Ortega Smith was diagnosed with coronavirus and he and his 51 fellow lawmakers from Vox party will work from home, the party said on Tuesday.

The party, the third largest in the country’s lower house, has asked for a suspension of parliament’s activity.

Ortega Smith is the first Spanish lawmaker diagnosed with the virus.

It really makes you think.

After the diagnosis, the parliament has been shut down.

Imagine if all governments shut down?

What will happen then?

And when they open the prisons…?

Why Isn’t Trump Doing Anything?

What the hell is even going on with Trump?

What could possibly be the excuse for doing literally nothing to stop the spread of this virus in the US, when we see what is happening in Italy, and what is beginning to happen in Spain?

Who is advising him here?

Don Jr.?

Unironically, it is likely that the people advising him are people who want him to lose the election.

You remember that New York Times op-ed by a high level administration official about how most of his team is working to undermine and sabotage him? This has to be an example of that.

Basically the only way he could possibly lose to Shaky Joe is if he completely screws up this virus and it spins out of control, and he appears to be doing everything in his power to make that happen.

Or maybe his plan is to let it get out of control so he can declare that there won’t be any elections, because it’s too dangerous to go to the polls?

This is going to clear up by summer, but presumably it is going to come back by November and be much worse.

Yes, Summer will Probably Kill This

I don’t make predictions, but I am pretty confident that summer is going to clear this up.

I had an exchange with a reader about this yesterday.

He said:

The WHO has already stated that the virus spreading slowing during the hotter weather is nothing more than false hope. It’s been spreading in south America and the weather is warmer down in that part of the region.

And besides, why would warmer weather have any affect on spreading? This isn’t the flu, everyone keeps saying it is, but it isn’t.

And I replied:

Just look at a list of new cases from today and listed in order of how many cases:

China +44 (+23) S. Korea +165 (+3) Iran +595 (+43) France (+2) Spain +376 (+9) Japan +28 (+2) UK +43 (+1) S. Marino +14 (+1) Germany +124 USA +25 Switzerland +42 Netherlands +56 Sweden +45 Belgium +39 Norway +7 Singapore +10 Malaysia +18 Austria +8 Bahrain +24 Australia +10 Greece +1 Canada +1 Kuwait +1 Iceland +2 Denmark +24 UAE +14 India +3 Czechia +3 Portugal +1 Vietnam +1 Finland +5 Palestine +6 Philippines +14 Slovenia +7 Indonesia +13 Oman +2 Qatar +3 Poland +5 Ecuador +1 Georgia +2 S. Arabia +4 Hungary +2 Slovakia +3 S. Africa +4 Latvia +3 Tunisia +3 Macedonia +1 Colombia +2 Nigeria +1 Brunei +1 Channel Islands +1 Total +1,807 (+84)

All of the first countries are cold, all of the end countries are warm.

And those cases in Philippines were all Northerners flying in. I suspect the same is true for Indonesia. I don’t even have to look into it to know that’s true of UAE.

You have to look at the person to person rate, and I can’t find a good list of that by country right now. But what I posted (and everything else you read, come on) shows that the trend is that it’s spreading in cold countries at a rate of at least 20x.

It’s similar enough in structure [to the flu] that it thrives in colder temperatures in the same way the flu does, because it has a lipid membrane, which stays more solid the colder it is.

This isn’t just some bullshit someone pulled out of their ass.

Look at the timeline of the SARS infection.

Come on, man!

Another reader did the research on the UAE for us:

UAE is mostly imported, with some cases in direct contacts of imported cases. Bahrain and Kuwait both have more total cases than UAE, but it looks like almost all of them were imported: Kuwait showing all travelers (but wiki is a little behind), Bahrain showing 82 imported, and 5 direct contacts of cases from abroad.

Algeria had 16 cases in the same family, which suggests easy transmissibility, but that could be the difference between close contact and casual contact. Plus Algeria isn’t as warm as I thought – avg temp in February is 54 F.

Looks like a fairly strong trend so far.

Looking at related betacoronaviruses, the SARS outbreak lasted through the winter, then ended in July. On the other hand, the 2015 MERS outbreak in South Korea occurred in the summertime, so you can’t count on that 100%.

So I can say with relatively high confidence that this will subside in the summer. There will still be some infections, but it will not be the chaos we have now.

Of course, by then the entire economy will probably have collapsed.

Also we have the issue that this is going to come back as soon as it gets cold again. And basically, there is no reason to believe it will ever go away. It is pretty likely that it will be like the flu, and return every year.

So, yay globalism. A new deadly disease we have to deal with every year is a small price to pay for collapsing our domestic economies and flooding our countries with brown people.

China is Better Now

Literally the only place where things are getting better is China.


Chinese President Xi Jinping has made his first visit to Wuhan since the novel coronavirus outbreak began more than two months ago, as new cases of the virus slowed to a trickle in the country where the disease first emerged.

Xi’s visit to Wuhan — which has been on lockdown for weeks now, with tens of thousands of confirmed cases of the virus and hundreds of deaths — is a major show of confidence in China’s response to the pandemic, underlining a message which has been building in state media that the country has turned a corner.

They dealt with this really well.

We’re likely all going to end up in a place much worse than China was in.

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Focus on Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is already being used as currency.

You need to acquire as much as is humanly possible.

You will not regret it.

Take out loans if you have to. Rack up credit card debt. Just make sure you get the toilet paper.

Without toilet paper, you’re going to be up Nigger Creek without a paddle.

The Best Timeline

The best thing that could possibly happen would be for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump to get the virus, and then the outcome of the election be decided by whoever survives.

They are both going around these crowds, apparently not at all worried. And Joe touches everyone he meets and is constantly getting up in people’s faces.

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