Corona Collapse to Result in Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

You know who supported this lockdown hoax (other than women, who don’t count because they aren’t human)?


So – cut their social security.

They made the decision to destroy any chance their children and grandchildren had at a future because they were scared of the flu, so they should have to feel some of this pain that they brought down on us.

The Hill:

The coronavirus recession is taking an axe to revenue streams for key government programs like Social Security, Medicare and highway infrastructure.

The high rate of unemployment during the pandemic means fewer payroll taxes are being collected to fund Medicare and Social Security, and less driving means the federal gas tax isn’t bringing in as much money for the Highway Trust Fund as it normally does.

Many of those programs, which Congress established with dedicated funding, were already on borrowed time before the pandemic hit, but the record economic downturn in the second quarter and the deteriorating labor market are accelerating their decline.

The Social Security retirement fund, for example, was previously projected to run out of money in 2036, according to the Penn Wharton Budget Model. Now, a worst-case pandemic scenario could bump that up to 2032.

You see – the media and government are still openly lying to you about the economic damage they’ve done, because they do not want you to rise up against this virus regime.

They’re trying to ease you into understanding just how bad this is.

We are not going to be funding anything until 2032. We’re looking at a situation where the dollar is going to have to be replaced with some other currency after hyperinflation.

The rug has already been pulled.

The article goes on to talk, talk, talk about Mitt Romney planning to fix social security. It gives a bunch of stupid fake information.

Who even knows when we are going to start seeing serious admissions of the kind of hell we are facing. We might never see it. They might just go ahead and continue to pretend this is just a bump in the road.