Corey Booker and His Aryan Maidens Introduce Bill to Redistribute Farm Land to Colored Folk

Triple Threat: A Trifecta of Black Supremacy!

Senator Cory Booker, who is an allegedly gay mulatto, has introduced a bill to enact a Rhodesia-style theft of white farm land, which he will transfer to the blacks.

The “Justice for Black Farmers Act” is co-sponsored by White Aryan Shield Maidens Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren.

This actually happened more than a week ago, and hasn’t been in the media. Apparently, the media is aware of how bad this looks (it looks pretty bad).

Rather than steal land directly, as blacks in Rhodesia and later South Africa did, the bill calls for the government to pay for land owned by whites and give it to blacks. As everyone is aware, however, virtually all taxes are paid by whites, so this does amount to the same basic thing, the only difference being that the land owners will be compensated.

The bill states that a new USDA agency called the “Equitable Land Access Service” would purchase agricultural land from “willing sellers” and “convey grants of that land to eligible Black [sic] individuals at no cost to the eligible Black [sic] individuals.”

Booker told Mother Jones that the law aims to reverse the “destructive forces that were unleashed upon Black farmers over the past century — one of the dark corners of shame in American history.”

Frankly, I’m having a hard time picturing any African American I have ever met being a farmer. They’re not really all about that rural life, from what I’ve observed.

In Rhodesia, after the land was stolen, the blacks begged white people to come back when it turned out that blacks were incapable of running a farm. The “black farmers” created a starvation situation.

Being kind fellows, the whites did return, and were met with tears by these blacks.

There is simply no way that Rhodesian blacks are not more capable at farming than American blacks, so there’s no way anyone thinks the Booker land theft program will work.

But again: “anti-racism” is not about helping nonwhites, it is about punishing whites. That should make it make sense.